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11 years ago#11
7) What's so special about the Blood Sword? ^[207]
The Blood Sword is unlike any other weapon in the game. It can absorb the enemy's HP and transfer it to its user. A few things you HAVE to keep in mind:

- The Blood Sword CANNOT be accessed if you get the Wyvern before getting the Key Term. The Key Term is required to get the Blood Sword. Once you get the Wyvern, nobody else will give you the Key Term.
- Completing the Cyclone will kill all chance you have to get the Blood Sword. Make sure you get it before you complete the Cyclone.

And here's some battle notes about the Blood Sword:
- The Blood Sword will restore HP to its weilder. The amount of HP it restores (and the damage it does) is based on the enemies' HP. However, 99% of the time, the Blood Sword doesn't compare to a Level 16 Cure spell.
- The Blood Sword's effect is REVERSED against Undead enemies. You'll lose HP if you attack an Undead enemy with it.
- The Blood Sword really isn't that great of a weapon. Okay, let's face it, it really sucks in comparison to the Masamune or Excalibur. Its ONE great use is against the Emperor, in which case you'll find the battle to be an easy win.

8) How do I get more Osmose Tomes? ^[208]
You get ONE Osmose Tome throughout the normal gameplay. It's found in the Mysidian Cave. Other than that one, there are no other Tomes.

However, you can find more Osmose Tomes from the ultra-rare random battles with a Wizard. Thing is, Wizards are found in a select few places. Here's a list of where you can run into them:
- The Coliseum
- Castle Fynn (before you defeat Gottos)
- The Cyclone
- Palamecia

Once you complete those areas, the only one you can re-access is The Coliseum.

9) Can I get Osmose in Soul of Rebirth? ^[209]
My research has revealed that there are no Wizards and no chests containing an Osmose Tome in Soul of Rebirth. Therefore, no, you can't get Osmose in Soul of Rebirth unless you place the spell on Ricard.

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11 years ago#12
10) How do I level up the [insert spell name here] Spell? ^[210]
The "best" way to level up any spell is debatable. However, I've found a semi-easy way that requires only your time.

First off, before you undertake this strategy, you have to have your Cursor set to "Memory". You can change this in the "Config" option under your menu. This allows you to perform the same task over and over again without having to select it every time.

Keep in mind, before you go into battle ready to cast the spell 10,000 times, you won't need to do this if your spell level is really low (between Level 1 and 3). Once your spells hit level 4, you might have to pull out all the stops and use this strategy. Also, the higher your spell level, the more times you'll have to cast the spell. Just remember that.

For this example, let's pretend that Maria is trying to level up her Fire spell. The party consists of Firion, Maria, Guy and Minwu.

By the way, having 99 Ethers will make this task faster. Put two shields on Guy and Minwu before going into battle.

1. Go into battle against an enemy that doesn't run away. Almost any Flan will do. Black Flans can be found around Mysidia.
2. Kill off all except one of the enemies. Now you're ready to roll.
3. Have Firion cast Cure on the party.
4. Have Maria cast Fire on the party.
5. Have Guy Attack. With dual shields, he'll just jump out and do nothing.
6. Have Minwu Attack.
7. Hold down the A button for about 5 minutes. If you have a rubber band and a regular GBA, it's really easy to wrap the rubber band around the GBA to hold the A button down. With an SP, it's harder, but hardly impossible. If you have a DS, it's very difficult to hold down the A button with a rubber band. Find something that is about the same size as the A button, put that down on it, and then stick something heavy on top of that.

With this strategy, Maria will continually cast Fire on your party, Firion will heal the damage. Minwu and Guy will do nothing except gain Shield experience, which is useful in its own right.

With the A button held down, you can go away for 5 minutes and do whatever. Take a piss, get a drink, whatever. Come back and change #5 and #6 to the following.

5. Have Guy use an Ether on Firion.
6. Have Minwu use an Ether on Maria.

Then hold the A button down again and do whatever. Come back and finish the battle.

If you need to level up a status spell like Curse or Toad, switch out the Fire spell for whatever status spell you're using. Have another character cast Esuna on the team to negate the effects of your spell (or have someone use an Echo Screen if you're using casting Silence).

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11 years ago#13
11) Can I level a spell outside of battle ^[211]
You bet! Just use the spell outside of battle and you'll gain experience for casting the spell.

Keep in mind that this only works for spells you can normally use outside of battle, like Cure, Life, Esuna, etc. Also keep in mind that Esuna will only work if you have a status ailment, Life will only work on a KO'd character, etc. Use some common sense when trying to level up a spell outside of battle. Don't bother trying to level up your Holy spell outside of battle.

12) How come my levels stop going up? ^[212]
If your levels aren't rising normally anymore, it means the enemies you're fighting are too weak. It's also a tell-tale sign that you're power leveling, so you should just move on in the story.

13) How come my HP drops when I cast Teleport outside of battle? ^[213]
When you cast Teleport, you'll exit the dungeon, but the caster's HP will drop. This is NOT abnormal, that's just the way Teleport works.

14) Why is my Unarmed doing so much more damage than Swords? ^[214]
If you've been power-leveling, shame on you.

Anyways, it may seem that your Lv. 16 Unarmed character is doing more than your Lv. 16 Swords character with a Mythril Sword equipped (yes, I saw a guy who had Level 16 Unarmed by the time he got Mythril).

The reason for this is that Unarmed damage is calculated differently than any other weapon. Unarmed power isn't restricted by the power of your sword or axe; Unarmed is based on Strength alone. However, your fists usually won't compare when you stick on a high-level sword on, like the Excalibur or Masamune. If you put TWO of them on, your swords will definitely overpower your fists.

15) How do I land on Palamecia? ^[215]
To get to into Palamecia, you'll need to descend upon it using the Airship. The spire on the top of Palamecia will be your guide. Center your Airship right above the spire, then go up one space and try to land.

If you can't seem to land, try this. Move up one space, try to land. Move left one space, try to land. Repeat this in all directions on Palamecia and you'll eventually land. Use this guide if you don't understand:

. _ _ _ .
. _ 1 _ .
. _ _ _ .

1 is where you start. Try all 9 spaces and you'll be able to land on one of them. Make sure the airship doesn't move two spaces, since it likes to move really fast.

16) Can I get the Wild Rose/Wyvern Lance/Stardust Rod/Bracers in Final Fantasy II? ^[216]
Short answer: No.

Long answer: No. Those weapons are Soul of Rebirth ONLY. You CAN force them into your Final Fantasy II inventory via a GameShark or other cheat device; however, you won't be able to equip them on your normal Final Fantasy II characters (trust me, I've tried this for myself).

In addition, you can't even equip the items on the people they should be on. In the Final Fantasy II game, you cannot equip the Wyvern Lance on Ricard, despite the fact that it is Ricard's ultimate weapon. As asinine as it sounds, that's the way the game works.

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11 years ago#14
17) Isn't this the FINAL FANTASY II with Cecil, Kain, Rosa, etc.? ^[217]
Short answer: No.

Long answer: The original FINAL FANTASY was released in Japan in 1987. It did not hit North American shores until 1990 (Nintendo did the translation back then); by that time, FINAL FANTASY III was already released on the Famicom system (the Japanese version of the NES).

The Super Famicom (and later the Super Nintendo Entertainment System) was released in 1991. Needless to say, Squaresoft was already working on a FINAL FANTASY game for it (it later became FINAL FANTASY IV). Nintendo wanted this gem on the Super NES in America and had Squaresoft translate this new SNES game instead of completing a FINAL FANTASY II translation (aka this game).

Nintendo believed that American gamers would be confused about the sudden jump from FINAL FANTASY I to FINAL FANTASY IV; hence they renamed the game and released it as FINAL FANTASY II. That is the reason that game was released as FINAL FANTASY II instead of its real name of FINAL FANTASY IV.

18) Is the child Kain in Deist Ricard's son? ^[218]
Short answer: No.

Long answer: No. It's stated that Kain's father was killed in the Emperor's attack on Deist. Since Ricard was alive and went to try and find the Ultima Tome, that would mean that there is no relation between Ricard and Kain.

Besides, if you go talk to Kain with Ricard in your party, he doesn't call him "dad" or "father".

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11 years ago#15
19) Is the Kain child in Deist the same Kain in FINAL FANTASY IV? ^[219]


Short answer: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO!!

Long answer: Seriously ... any evidence that you see online is nothing except pure conjecture. The ONLY evidence that supports a theory is the fact that the child in Deist wants to grow up and be a Dragoon like his father.

Let's think about this logically; the timeline is crucial in all of this. If the child Kain WERE to grow up into the adult Kain, there would be a span of roughly 16-24 years between FINAL FANTASY II and FINAL FANTASY IV.

However, the worlds between FINAL FANTASY II and IV are completely different; in roughly 16-24 years, the entire world would have to be reshaped. Any basic knowledge of tectonics would clarify that tectonic plates simply can't move that fast. The world in FINAL FANTASY VI was reshaped, but that was due to Kefka's intervention; had this been the case between II and IV, there would have been SOME record of it in IV. There is NO evidence in IV to support such a theory.

The kingdoms in IV have been established for generations. Baron, Damcyan, Fabul and even Eblan have all been there for quite a few generations. In addition, Baron has established itself as a supreme power due to its airship powers. If IV were following II, these kingdoms would simply pop up out of nowhere. Also, in the span of 16-24 years, each kingdom would establish their specialty; Baron as an airship power, Eblan as a ninja specialist, etc. Needless to say, it is completely impossible for this situation to exist; great kingdoms don't simply pop up overnight.

Cid is another great example of how the games are not connected. In IV, Cid is at least 40-50+ years old, meaning that he would have been present in II. In II, Cid dies, meaning that the two Cids cannot be the same. For that matter, it is also established that Cid (in IV) has been making airships for the King of Baron for quite some time. If the two games were connected, Cid (not to mention the kingdom of Baron) would have been present as well; since II has neither, it's impossible for them to be connected.

There is NO reference to the Crystals from IV in II. Come on ... the Crystals in IV are a vital part of the storyline; if they DID exist in II, the Emperor would have simply obtained the Crystals and unleashed the Giant of Babel on the planet. Sure as hell would have been easier than opening up the underworld and having monsters overrun the planet.

Speaking of the Giant of Babel, the Tower of Babel has been there for quite some time; the game itself says so. Since it exists in IV and not in II, it's impossible for the two games to be connected.

There's one final argument on the subject. THE CHILD NEVER HAD A NAME UNTIL DAWN OF SOULS. This means that the original FINAL FANTASY II and Origins didn't have a name for the child at all.

These are just a few of the stupid arguments I see on the boards. The games are NOT connected AT ALL. Period. Anyone who tries to refute the points I have made above cannot use quotes from in either game because there is nothing in either game to support their claims.

Seriously, if you think the two games are connected, any evidence you can come up with is pretty much bullcrap. I've only TOUCHED on the most obvious points here.

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11 years ago#16
Okay, now all you have to do if you have at least 150 karma is to click "Message Detail" by my first post. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a button marked "Request Sticky Topic". Click it; the reasoning is optional, but you're free to place something there if you really like.
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11 years ago#17
Great guide. I requested a sticky, but I requested the other to be unstickied. Thanks.
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11 years ago#18
I'm guessing that the other one will automatically be un-stickied if this one takes is place. After all, I'm pretty sure a mod has to actually visit this board to do it. Not 100% sure though.
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