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11 years ago#1
Version 1.3
Lots more questions answered and a lot more stuff clarified. Hopefully it's far more complete. Added info about all the games that have been released since Dawn of Souls, and cleared up many things.

Keyword System
Many FAQs here on GameFAQs utilize the Keyword system. It utilizes the Find Function on Notepad and Wordpad. In addition, this feature can also be used on many commonly used internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

The keyword system is used at the start of each section. When reading the Table of Contents, you'll see the following by a certain section:


Press Ctrl+F and type in the following:


And you'll immediately be brought to the corresponding section after you press Enter. Make sure you don't drop the ^ or you'll end up elsewhere on the screen.

Table of Contents

General Questions
[001] Clarity
[002] Mark your SPOILERS
[003] Specify the game
[004] Check the FAQs
[005] Check the topics
[006] Respect others
[007] Rumors = HORRIBLE
[008] Deleting saved games

Final Fantasy Questions
[101] How do I access the Map?
[102] Warrior/Knight vs. Thief/Ninja: Who's better?
[103] What is the Class Change?
[104] How do I Class Change?
[105] What are the benefits of the Class Change?
[106] What's the best team to start out with?
[107] How come my Monk isn't doing any damage?
[108] How come my Monk's DEF drops when I put armor on him?
[109] What's the Ship game?
[110] Is the White Mage really female?
[111] I'm stuck in a Soul of Chaos dungeon. Help!

Final Fantasy II Questions
[201] How do I access the Map?
[202] I can't use the White/Black Mask!
[203] Should I dual wield weapons right away?
[204] Help! I'm at 1 HP and 0 MP in the middle of a dungeon!
[205] Maria doesn't do any damage!
[206] How do I get the Blood Sword?

Please proceed to the next page for the following questions
[207] What's so special about the Blood Sword?
[208] How do I get more Osmose Tomes?
[209] Can I get Osmose in Soul of Rebirth?
[210] How do I level up the [insert spell name here] Spell?
[211] Can I level a spell outside of battle?
[212] How come my levels stop going up?
[213] How come my HP drops when I cast Teleport outside of battle?
[214] Why is my Unarmed doing so much more damage than Swords?
[215] How do I land on Palamecia?
[216] Can I get the Wild Rose/Wyvern Lance/Stardust Rod/Bracers in FINAL FANTASY II?
[217] Isn't this the FINAL FANTASY II with Cecil, Kain, Rosa, etc.?
[218] Is the child Kain in Deist Ricard's son?
[219] Is the child Kain in Deist the same Kain in FINAL FANTASY IV?

- End of Contents -

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11 years ago#2
A few things we ask of you before you post:

1) Clarity ^[001]
If you're going to ask for help, the least we ask of you is some decent grammar and spelling in your posts. Since most of us are cranky bastards anyways (okay, mostly just me), we'll just get irritated if we don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Having a topic title that follows these same parameters also makes people who answer your posts happy. Trust me when I say that having 5-6 topics that all say "newbie question" or "a few questions" isn't exactly fun by any means. Also, is it really that hard to press the Enter key a few times?

2) Mark your SPOILERS ^[002]
A SPOILER is a critical plot detail. Revealing one without giving any warning is against the GameFAQs Terms of Use.

Some common spoilers are as follows:
- Character dies at a point in the game.
- Character isn't real, character is replaced by android/demon clone/etc.
- Character gains power at this point in the game.

If you're in doubt about whether or not you're talking about a Spoiler, mark it anyways, just to cover your ass.

To mark a Spoiler, I usually go like this: <SPOILERS> with the Bold tags and everything so that most anyone will see the warning.

Two rules you should follow when posting any Spoilers whatsoever:
1. DO NOT PUT THE SPOILER ITSELF IN THE TOPIC TITLE It totally defeats the purpose of putting a SPOILER warning.
2. LEAVE SOME SPACE BETWEEN YOUR WARNING AND THE SPOILER ITSELF Putting 50 lines isn't necessary, but at least give a little space so that some poor sap won't accidentally read it.

For example, something you wouldn't want to do is this:
So and so <SPOILERS> dies at this point in the game.

As you can see, it's nearly impossible to see the warning and then just stop. What I usually do is leave a few spaces in between so that they can at least hit the Back button. Like this:


So and so dies at this point in the game.

It gives a little more time for the user to backtrack if they don't want to read the Spoiler.

3) Specify the game ^[103]
It's somewhat confusing to remember which game you're talking about when reading any given topic. I personally find it tricky to remember which special monster goes in which game, or which game the question is even pertaining to.

The solution to this? Just mark which FF you're talking about. Whether you do it in parentheses () or brackets [] or greater than and less than marks <> it'll make life a lot easier for us who go around answering all the questions we have answers to when we know what game to focus on. Even a small indication of what game you're talking about will make answering the question much simpler.

4) Check the FAQs ^[104]
This site is called GameFAQs for a reason. All those FAQs/Walkthroughs/Maps were created by users, just like yourself. Amazing, isn't it? Reading those FAQs will greatly enhance your knowledge of the game and most likely answer most questions you might have. If you have a question, just click on the FAQs and Guides link before trying the boards. Given, the FAQs are usually a lot longer and harder to sift through, but they're usually a sure-fire guarantee that you'll get an answer.

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11 years ago#3
5) Check the topics ^[005]
Just like the FAQs help with information, other topics do as well. Check around for a few pages and see if someone else has already asked the same question you have. If you have at least 75 Karma, you can do a Search for keywords. Make sure you keep your Search entry short, since GameFAQs searches for the exact phrase you put in.

If you don't have 75 karma, just check a few pages. If you don't see anything related to your question, go ahead and post.

Keep in mind that there are a few special topics where you can ask the question on the fly and someone will answer it. Don't even worry about reading all the posts in it, just ask your question. Even if it's a repeat, it's much easier to answer 10 questions in one topic rather than 10 questions in 10 different topics.

Lastly, this board is SLOW. Even if you don't get an answer in a few hours, it doesn't mean that we're asses and we're ignoring you. It usually means that nobody is around to answer it. Don't worry though, someone will always come around eventually.

6) Respect others ^[006]
Please be respectful of others while posting at this board, whether you're asking for help or giving it. Being rude/confusing/inflammitory/annoying will usually result in someone else (maybe even me) being an asshat right back to you.

A few examples of not respecting others:
- TYPING IN ALL CAPS OR BOLDING ALL YOUR CAPS will not get you any special treatment.
- TyPiNg AlL wEiRd AnD jUnK will most likely annoy others and won't get you any special treatment.
- Whenyoutypeinwaysthatcanbarelybereadatall, yes, that's extremely annoying. Don't do it.

Keep the first rule (#001 on the list) in mind, and also thank people when they help you out. It's called "courtesy".

7) Rumors = HORRIBLE ^[007]
There aren't exactly a whole ton of rumors floating about Dawn of Souls, but we can kill off a few rumors right here concerning other FF games on the GBA/DS.

Remakes of Final Fantasy IV, V, VI:
Final Fantasy IV Advance, Final Fantasy V Advance, and Final Fantasy VI Advance have ALL been released for the GBA. You can find their respective boards here:

Final Fantasy IV Advance: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=929937
Final Fantasy V Advance: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=930369
Final Fantasy VI Advance: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=930370

Remake of Final Fantasy III:
Final Fantasy III has been released on the Nintendo DS. You can find its board here:

Final Fantasy III: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=924897

Remake of Dawn of Souls:
Yes, both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II have made their way to the PSP. They are sold seperately and their boards are found here:

Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=937909
Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=937910

DS remake of Final Fantasy IV:
Final Fantasy IV is being remade with 3D graphics for the Nintendo DS. You can find its board here:

Final Fantasy IV DS: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=939425

Anything else you hear is most likely false. ESPECIALLY any rumors you hear about a Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS3 from a certain EGM magazine.

8) Deleting save games ^[108]
You cannot delete old save games. On the other hand, you can save over them, so if you have an old save game that you want to get rid of, just start a new game and save over any old saves you want to get rid of.

- End of General files -

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11 years ago#4
Final Fantasy 1 Questions:

1) How do I access the Map? ^[101]
The Map is one of the most useful items in the game. To see it, hold down the B button and press SELECT. You can access the map from the very start of the game.

2) Warrior/Knight vs. Thief/Ninja: Who's better? ^[102]
Yes, we've had this question multiple times. Now it's time to put it to rest.

The Ninja is usually supposed to be used as a support unit in conjunction with the Monk/Master. With the two of them on your team, there's very little that will stand in your way (read: absolutely nothing). However, people continually ask about the comparison between a Ninja and a Knight. Therefore that's what this question will cover.

For optimal results, you'll be Class Changing at Level 11 (the minimum level). Level up bonuses DO play a part, but at Level 11, those bonuses usually leave a very small stats gap between the Knight and Ninja classes.

When you see someone else running these tests, they're usually running them at higher levels (Level 50+). In doing so, there is significantly more room for error since there's this little thing in Final Fantasy called "random stat level ups". At higher levels, the results have a much better chance of being skewed (due to random level ups) and thus, incorrect.

We've seen arguments about how the Knight is superior to the Ninja in every way possible. Those arguments will be dissected here.

The Knight always takes less damage than the Ninja
For this test, both characters were at Lv. 25 and both wearing full Genji equipment (helmet, armor and gloves). The Knight has 652 HP; the Ninja has 595 HP. Both characters were then placed in battle against Tiamat's second form. In the test, Tiamat's series of attacks include: Scourge, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, then loop back to Scourge. The test was allowed to run for 100 rounds.

Scourge hit the Knight 24 out of the 25 rounds it was used; it hit the Ninja 0 out of 25 rounds. Fira dealt 149 damage to the Knight; it dealt 151 damage to the Ninja. Blizzara dealt 123 damage to the Knight, it dealt 125 damage to the Ninja. Thundara dealt 123 damage to the Knight; it dealt 125 damage to the Ninja. All numbers were constant throughout the test.

The purpose of this test is to prove that the Knight and Ninja, when equally equipped, take about the same damage. The difference in the numbers is extremely minimal.

The Ninja requires twice as much healing as the Knight
Not true. The previous test proved that no matter what the Knight's and Ninja's HP values are, they will take roughly the same amount of damage. Take the previous test for example, only give the Knight 999 HP and give the Ninja 200 HP. The damage values will not change, so after a Fira spell, the Knight will still need 151 HP healed and the Ninja will need 149 HP healed.

In the end, both classes will require about the same amount of healing. The Ninja only requires about 1.34% more healing than the Knight, not even close to the 200.00% that anti-Ninja people claim.

The Ninja has less HP than the Knight
This is true. The Knight's HP will reach 999 roughly 10-20 levels before the Ninja. However, given the previous two points, the relevance of this point is debatable.

If you were playing a LLG (low level game), the high HP values mean nothing to you anyways. If you're trying to create a challenge in the game, you're basically doing a LLG anyways.

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11 years ago#5
The Knight can do more damage than the Ninja
Usually whenever you see someone else doing this test, they're basing the results off of weapons, NOT the base damage. Of course, it goes without saying that Knight using the Excalibur will do more damage than a Ninja wielding a Hammer.

If you REALLY want accurate results, you need to run both characters with no weapons (thus their base attack) at their minimal levels (Level 11). You'll see that the differences are very minimal (within 20 points).

3) What is the Class Change ^[103]
The Class Changing Quest is completely optional. However, it's rather beneficial to you. It gives all your characters some shiny new sprites and new class names. In addition, you'll be able to access better weapons and armor, and your mages will be able to learn better spells.

If you want all four Light Warriors to Class Change at the same time with the lowest level possible (to have all four the same level) is Level 11. Trust me when I say you can't get any lower than 11.

4) How do I Class Change? ^[104]
Thanks to ProtomanV6 for the original Class Change topic.

To begin, you MUST have defeated the Lich in the Cavern of Earth. This will allow you to obtain the canoe (you can't get it until you defeat Lich), and the Ship, the only two items required to start the quest.

1. To get the Canoe, go Crescent Lake (located southwest from the Cavern of Earth) and talk to the Elders on the eastern side of the town.

2. With the Canoe in hand, go to the Ice Cavern (go back to your ship, head north to the next port) and follow the river. Complete the Ice Cavern and pick up the Levistone.

3. With the Levistone in your possesion, go to the desert south of Crescent Lake (you have to jump directly from your Ship to the Canoe) and enter the middle of the desert. You'll see a cutscene and obtain the Airship.

4. Now that you have the Airship, the world is yours for the taking! Take a look at the map and look at the middle-top of the map. To the left are the Dragon Caves, where you'll get the actual upgrade. To the right is the "Left Wing of the Eagle". Land on the left wing and walk a long-ass way to get to the Cidatel of Trials.

5. Complete the Cidatel of Trials to obtain the Rat's Tail.

6. Take the Rat's Tail and go to the Dragon Caves. Land on the island with 2 holes. Inside one of them you'll find Bahamut, the King of Dragons. With the Rat's Tail, he'll Class Change your characters.

Congratulations! You're now class changed!

5) What are the benefits of the Class Change? ^[105]
Each class has a different effect when you CC them.

Warrior -> Knight: Knights can cast White Magic from Level 1 to Level 3. They will also gain MP when they level up.

Thief -> Ninja: Ninjas can cast Black Magic from Level 1 to Level 4, including the ever-useful Temper and Haste! They will also gain MP when they level up.

Monk -> Master: The Master gains Magic Defense when he levels up. However, the Master will NEVER be able to max out his MDEF, even with a Level 11 CC. However, every bit of MDEF he gets is still helpful.

White Mage -> White Wizard: White Wizards gain the ability to cast ALL White Magic, given that your level is high enough. Curaja, Healaga and Holy are extremely useful spells for White Wizards.

Black Mage -> Black Wizard: Black Wizards gain the ability to cast ALL Black Magic, given that your level is high enough. Flare and Break are useful spells for the Black Wizard. Saber will make your Black Wizard into a decent melee fighter as well.

Red Mage -> Red Wizard: Red Wizards gain the ability to cast more powerful spells. White Magic spells gained are Blink, Vox, Life, Exit, Protera, Invisira, NulDeath. Black Magic spells gained are Scourge, Teleport, Thundaga, Blizzaga.

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11 years ago#6
6) What's the best team to start with? ^[106]
Depending on your own personal tastes, you can choose any four Warriors of Light that you wish. There's no requirements whatsoever. As for names, you're free to choose whatever names you wish. Name them after your best friends, your favorite movie stars, even other Final Fantasy characters if you so wish.

As for us here? Here's a list of them all, along with strengths and weaknesses, along with a rating out of 5 stars.

Warrior/Knight - Pros
- Warrior can equip nearly all available armor.
- Warrior can equip nearly all available weapons.
- Warrior takes much less damage than other classes due to superior armor capabilities.
- Warrior/Knight recieves more HP than any other class and will max out at 999 faster.
- Knight can use NulShock and NulBlaze; useful spells in their own right when used properly.

Warrior/Knight - Cons
- Overall damage isn't spectacular compared to the original FF1. Ninja or Master can match or surpass the Knight's damage.
- Knight's healing abilities are significantly weaker than any other magic user.
- Knight's superior role is significantly reduced late-to-end game. Soul of Chaos equipment further reduces this role.

Rating (Warrior): *****
Rating (Knight): ***

Thief/Ninja - Pros
- Thief is an easier replacement for the Warrior since the Thief can deal significant damage.
- CC Quest allows Ninja to use Black Magic Levels 1-4, including Haste and Temper (two of the best Black Magic spells).
- Thief is fast and can usually get off the first attack. The Ninja is also fast, but can possibly be slower than a White Wizard.
- Ninja can be a useful replacement for a Black Mage since Haste and Temper aren't based off the INT stat.
- Ninja can wear excellent armor and can match the Knight in tanking abilities.

Thief/Ninja - Cons
- Thief cannot cast spells or equip better armor/weapons until he CCs to a Ninja.
- Thief takes more damage than the Warrior due to aforementioned fact.
- Ninja's offensive spells are better in the hands of a Black Mage/Wizard.

Rating (Thief): ***
Rating (Ninja): *****

Monk/Master - Pros
- Hits hard, as long as you take off the armor and weapons. :)
- CC Quest results in a Master, who can easily match or exceed a Knight in damage dealt.
- VERY low maintinence, you'll spend little to no Gil on armor and weapons for your Monk/Master for the entire game.

Monk/Master - Cons
- Monk doesn't get any Magic Defense (MDEF) bonuses when he levels up. The Master does, but requires you to complete the CC Quest.
- Monk/Master takes more damage than nearly all classes because he is built to not wear armor.
- Master doesn't gain any magic from CC Quest, only MDEF.

Rating (Monk): ****
Rating (Master): ****

White Mage/White Wizard - Pros
- White Mage/Wizard can cast loads of spells that heal your party members and boost their defenses
- White Mage/Wizard is the ONLY class who can cast Heal, Healara and Healaga by default, which heal your entire party all at once.
- CC Quest allows the White Wizard to cast ALL White Magic spells, as long as his level supports it.
- White Mage is fairly fast, White Wizard can possibly exceed a Ninja in speed.

White Mage - Cons
- Cannot use heavy weapons, and therefore deals out mediocre damage.
- Dia spells (WM/WW only spells) tend to deal less damage than Fire-based spells.
- High level attack spell (Holy) isn't that great and can be easily exceeded by a well placed physical attack from a Knight or Ninja.

Rating (both): ****

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11 years ago#7
Black Mage/Black Wizard - Pros
- Black Mage can cast attack magic right off the bat, which can surpass physical attacks extremely early on.
- Black Mage can cast Temper and Haste before anyone else.
- Black Mage/Wizard has a higher INT rating than all other classes.
- CC Quest allows Black Mage to cast ALL Black Magic spells, as long as his level supports it.

Black Mage/Black Wizard - Cons
- Horrible physical damage, even with the best weapons available to him
- Highest level attack spell (Flare) can be easily exceeded by a well placed physical attack from a Knight or Ninja.
- Incapable of wearing heavy armor.
- Tends to have low HP.

Rating (both): ****

Red Mage/Red Wizard - Pros
- Well rounded character, the RM can perform nearly every task that another class is capable of.
- Red Mage/Wizard can wear more armor than any other mage-type class.
- Red Mage/Wizard has better overall defense than any other mage-type class.
- Red Mage can cast BOTH White AND Black Magic spells, including Haste and Temper, as well as Cure, Cura and Curaga, making the Red Mage a decent substitute for a Black Mage.

Red Mage/Red Wizard - Cons
- Red Mage/Wizard can't use all the spells that a White Mage can; he can't use Heal, Healara and Healaga, which heal the entire party, making the Red Mage a mediocre substitute for a White Mage.
- Red Mage/Wizard tends to have a smaller selection of spells than either a White Mage/Wizard or a Black Mage/Wizard.
- After the CC Quest, the Red Wizard can't use any Level 8 White or Black spells and has extremely limited selection of Level 7 spells.

Rating (both): ****

New players should have a well balanced team with melee fighters and magicians. The Red Mage can be either one. Here's a few good starting teams:

Thief, Monk, White Mage Black Mage
Warrior, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage
Red Mage, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage
Thief, Monk, Red Mage, Red Mage
Thief, Red Mage, Red Mage, Black Mage

I highly recommend that you stray away from using four of the same class unless you've played through the game a few times and KNOW what you're doing. Especially four Warriors, it really limits your options when in battle. You could get away with four Red Mages, but balance your team the first time around.

7) How come my Monk isn't doing any damage? ^[107]
Let's face it, your Monk is doing crap for damage. Even your Black Mage is doing more melee damage than your Monk.

Take the weapon you have off your Monk. Let him fight bare-handed. You'll be able to see some real power then.

8) How come my Monk's DEF drops when I put armor on him? ^[108
The Monk is built to confuse the hell out of you. To put it simply, the Monk is best suited when he has no armor and no weapon equipped.

That's right. Take off the armor. All of it. The ONE piece of beneficial equipment you have for a Monk or Master is the Ribbon. That's it.

9) What's the Ship game? ^[109]
When you're on the Ship ( NOT the Airship) and sailing away on the deep blue sea, hold down the B button and press the A button 23 times. The screen will change and you'll be able to play the 15 game.

The entire point of the game is to move the tiles and get them to read in the correct order. When the tile turns red, it's in the correct spot. If it's blue, it's not in the correct spot.

Just move any tile into the empty slot. You can only move one at a time anyways.

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11 years ago#8
10) Is the White Mage really female? ^[110]
The question of "Is the White Mage female?" is widely debated with the updated FF1 graphics found in Origins and later Dawn of Souls.

The answer? It's completely up to you. When you Class Changed in the original FF1 (for the NES), the characters were pretty much undisputably male. You can call them all male or all female, it's totally up to you. Yes, even the Monk could be considered female, but it would take some imagination. @_@

For the purpose of this document, they'll all be referred to as male.

11) I'm stuck in a Soul of Chaos dungeon. Help! ^[111]
In the Soul of Chaos dungeons, you don't die. Period. Even if your team gets annihilated, you'll just appear outside of the dungeon you're in and everyone will be at 1 HP.

Keep in mind, this doesn't work in any other dungeon. Only the Earthgift Shrine, Hellfire Chasm, Lifespring Grotto and Whisperwind Cove.

- End FF1 Questions -

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11 years ago#9
Final Fantasy 2 Questions

1) How do I access the Map? ^[201]
Like FF1, you hold the B button and press SELECT. However, unlike FF1, you need to advance in the story before you are able to use the Map.

Once you get the Ring Key Item from Scott in Fynn (it's the first story advancement in the game), you'll be able to access the Map by using the above instructions.

2) I can't use the White/Black Mask! ^[202]
I personally have been getting a lot of questions about this. Here's the basic process you'll have to perform to obtain both masks and use them properly.

1. Get the White Mask from Castle Fynn's basement.

2. Put the White Mask on the statue in Mysidia.

3. Get the Black Mask from the Tropical Isle (use the in-game map, it's the smallest island in the middle of the damn ocean).

4. Use the Black Mask on the Doppelganger in the Cave of Mysidia.

This is the only way to do it. If you do these steps out of order, you'll only get confused and frustrated. Start from #1 and make sure you follow the directions carefully.

Oh, and you can't use the Black Mask on the statue in Mysidia. It just won't work. Same with the White Mask on the Doppelganger in the Cave of Mysidia. If you get an error, you have the wrong mask.

3) Should I dual wield weapons right away? ^[203]
Dual wielding weapons might seem really nifty, as it DOES increase your attack power. It doesn't double it, but it does increase your attack power. However, there are downsides to it.

Your Evasion and Agility are what make your characters faster and more agile. If those two stats suck, your character will be slow and take just about every hit directed towards them.

The easiest way to increase these stats is to put a Shield on your character. This will allow your character's Evasion and Agility to rise, and in turn, make those two stats not suck. If you're intent on really making them rise, take off every bit of armor you have and just use a weapon and a shield.

Keep in mind that your Evasion is also affected by the armor you wear. Your Buckler won't do much good if you have Genji armor equipped, since the Evasion bonus that the Buckler gives is nullified by the weight of the armor you have.

Later on in the game, there are helmets, armor and gloves that actually give you bonuses without the punishment of weight. Here's a small list of stuff that has little to no Evasion penalties:
- Twist Headband
- White Robe
- Black Robe
- Power Vest
- Thief's Gloves
- Gold Hairpin
- Ribbon
- Black Garb

(yes silktail, I know I have to check on these more. My "All Items" cheat code isn't working right now :P )

Also, there are a few weapons that increase your Evasion. The Defender sword and Main Gauche knife are two weapons that raise your Evasion. Shields don't seem to have any weight penalties, only Evasion benefits.

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11 years ago#10
4) Help! I'm at 1 HP and 0 MP in the middle of a dungeon! ^[204]
Well, it seems that you've completely and totally ****ed yourself in the ass because three of your characters are KO'ed and the fourth one is at 1 HP. You have no MP and a long way to go before you get out of the dungeon.

First off, shame on you. Always stock plenty of Potions, Ethers and Phoenix Downs before traversing into the unknown. Not to mention you shouldn't use just ONE save file. Use two at least.

Now then, you can always use a small trick I like to call the "Step & Save Trick", henceforth refered to as SST. Basically you take one step and save. There is a certain flaw to SST. Final Fantasy II will always bring you into battle after so many steps. Even if you restart the game after using SST, you'll still run into a battle after so many steps.

To counteract the bad effects, SST until you take one step and go into battle. Analyze the enemies. If there's a few weak ones or one semi-weak one, make the kill(s) quickly. If you can beat the enemy easily, kill it quickly and continue with SST.

If you can't beat the enemy quickly, or if you can't beat it without taking damage, simply restart and try again. Keep in mind that you might have to do this a lot before you get a weak enemy.

Lastly, if you're underleveled and EVERY enemy beats the living **** out of you, it's really time to restart your game.

5) Maria doesn't do any damage! ^[205]
Chances are you've taken the Bow off of Maria and put a Sword/Spear/other assorted weapon on her. Now she always misses. This is because you've left her in the back row. She won't be able to hit anything until you use the "Formation" selection and move her to the front row.

6) How do I get the Blood Sword? ^[206]
Once you obtain the Ultima Tome, a strange force wreaks havoc all over the world. The Cyclone itself is right outside of Fynn. Before you go inside, NOW is the only time you can get the Blood Sword.

1. Inside Castle Fynn, make sure you go talk to Hilda before getting the Wyvern . Trust me on this. If you get the Wyvern first, you eliminate the one way to get the Blood Sword.

2. Talk to Hilda and she'll let you Learn the Key Term Cyclone . Gordon teaches you as well, but I just like Hilda better.

3. With the Key Term in your list, leave the Castle and go into Fynn (the town). Paul's house is on the southwestern corner of the map. Go inside and Ask him about the Cyclone . He'll call you crazy, but he'll let you access his personal stash.

4. In the southwestern corner by Paul's bed, go search the eastern wall. Try walking into it and you'll eventually be able to walk through the wall.

5. Inside the wall, you'll be able to find the Blood Sword inside one of the eight chests.
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