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User Info: Mercutio_24

12 years ago#1

I recently bought Road to Hill 30 and installed it onto a Compaq Presario C700 w/Vista.

It installed correctly, but when I start it up, the intro cinematic won't play. I can hear the music, but there's no video.

I patched it up, set the compatibility to XP service pack 2 and ran it as an administrator, but still nothing.

I have a Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset, which will run Doom 3 and Halo, so there shouldn't be a problem running this game.

Any ideas?


User Info: bikeblaster

12 years ago#2
i dotn have the game yet, but from what i heard it is because of a grpahics card. THIS BOARD IS SO DEAD!!!!

User Info: Zeus9471

12 years ago#3
Thats happened to me, but for a different game..... just take it back and get a refund
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