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User Info: mattack1

6 years ago#1
I'm playing this as part of the PS3 pack that has 3 of the Tomb Raider games.

Anyway, I'm all the way at the last boss.

I only have 2 health packs (don't remember how many you can hold total, but honestly it seems like most times I didn't need them all that often).

I can fairly easily get it down twice to hit the triangle button when the woman is down.. But then I'm pretty much dead already.

Different FAQs say different things. One says far away and use side jumping -- do they just mean O + movement? I try that, but can't jump out of the way when it shoots fire at me.

Another FAQ says to basically not stay away from it, and I tried that originally too and thought I was doing well.. but I still can't get it.

How can I kill the final boss?
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