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User Info: Dolla_Pills

3 years ago#1
So for context I am playing this game on a dolphin emulator and it is 1.0 NTSC as far as I can tell, I don't know if that has anything to do with my problem but it might.

Basically my issue is that when I try to do weapon creation codes (all other codes are fine) the weapons/items that appear in Ike's inventory are not what they are supposed to be- they often times don't have names or will have stars for names and are super, super weird and will freeze the game if Ike equips them.

I have no idea what the cause of this. Ideally I would make my own code because I have specific items I want (Gurgurant, Ragnell, Occult, Adept, Vantage, and Nihil is all), and I think I know how to put codes together, but the above issue happens when I try to do so and even when I use codes that other people have made that work for them. This has confused me because I have physical copies of the game and an action replay and in the past I have been able to get this to work, but this time around it is super buggy.

Here's an example of an unencrypted code that was supposed to give Ike some iron swords and Ragnell with L + up on the D pad:
8A2EF408 00000048
042B16B0 80933590
042B16B8 80933590
042B16C0 80933590
042B16C8 80933AA0
00000000 40000000

I don't know how to troubleshoot this and I would appreciate someone's help.

User Info: ApocalypticLord

3 years ago#2
Not sure if it'll work for you, but you could possibly try...

Turning on cheats, then sign into your game.
Soft reset Hold Start+B+X
Then log into game normally and the items appeared as they should then.

User Info: Dolla_Pills

3 years ago#3
Hm I just tried to activate the cheat and then save the file onto a new slot, but when I reset and loaded the new save (which should have the items) the emulator freezes. Same thing if I completely exit the emulator and turn off the cheat and the game.

I think the item spawning in place of Ragnell is what is causing the freeze. It's listed under the bow section yet appears to be some sort of Laguz weapon (when I try to trade it the game says it is part of my unit's body and can't be traded, however I can sell it for 0 gold) but the image to the left of the item is a weird looking sword that I don't think is in the game. The iron swords have the correct iron sword image but they have no name, the description is in Japanese, the weapon stats are wrong, they can't be equipped, and when you remove them from Ike's inventory and take them back they go in the items slot even though they are swords according to the convoy. Anyway, disabling the cheats after spawning the items in doesn't seem to change them to what they should be.

I'm going to guess the problem has to do with the game being emulated, but I don't know if it's just the iso itself or some setting in Dolphin that makes some aspects of the game different than when played on a console. That's just speculation though.

User Info: ApocalypticLord

3 years ago#4
Sorry I'm not very good at explaining and left out the fact you should not save with the cheats on before the soft reset only after when they items are as they should be.

Try Turning on cheats
Load your save (important don't save with cheats on)
Soft Reset
An error of sorts popped up twice for me ScheduleEvent_threadsafe just hit yet both
Reload back into safe

When I first sign into the game it looks as if they codes are no were close to working and scrambled badly. Upon the soft reset and reloading save the items look as they should. I don't understand why soft reseting without saving and logging back into the save fixes it.

User Info: Dolla_Pills

3 years ago#5
Interesting that this works, but thank you!
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