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User Info: pacman3621

5 years ago#1
Anyone know a decent editor for this game? I have some good ideas for a Kaizo hack. Not a whole new game, but more like Kaizo 64, mostly the same game, just a hard mode (enemy hacking) and if possible, a new story (text hacking). Here's what I have for the prologue:

Start out, the Crump/Goombella cutscene plays. However, he knows what the heck he's doing this time, so you're fighting Magnus 1 by yourself with just a jump and hammer and no way to heal. Beat him, get Goombella, meet Frankly. If you want, beat Gus, he's Dark now and fights with Garf and Goose, also dark. Guess who's waiting on floor B1 instead of the Goombas? The Shadow Sirens. Yeah, those X-Nauts clearly expect Mario. Don't worry though, it's just the first fight. Beat them, avoid or kill the Hammer Bro and Magikoopa in the corridor, and the Spunias (yes, Spunias) at B3. Get plane and Sweet Treat (yeah, you'll be needing this). Frankly gives you Piercing Blow; put it on immediately. Fly to the pipe room. No blooper. Guess who? Doopliss! It's the first fight. Beat him, and take the pipe. I'll put a story to this at some point, this is just the game progress.

So yeah, nothing too expansive, just a battle and text hack. Overworld will be the same, except maybe some recoloring. Same items, badges, partners, all that, but I'll throw in the beta badges (the ones that make sense anyways, no Debug) cause why not. So wouldn't need too powerful an editor to make. I'm thinking Gloomtail as the antagonist in chapter 1, how about you.

User Info: An_Axem_Ranger

5 years ago#2
I want this. Please make this a thing.

User Info: pacman3621

5 years ago#3
Can I make cutscenes play in the wrong location? Like, can I make the Shadow Sirens "sketch" cutscene play in Rogueport B1? And could I put a hole in the gate keeping you from getting to the Pit, or remove it completely? I plan to require the player to get Fire Drive at 20 to beat Gloomtail Castle.

Speaking of which, I have Chapter 1 blueprinted. Exit the pipe. Petal Meadows is frozen over. If I can add the snow from Fahr Outpost, I will. If not, recoloring the whole place an icy blue will do. Gloomtail flies over just like Hooktail normally does. As expected, the goombas are now Ice Puffs and Frost Piranhas. Avoid or kill them, although I wouldn't want to mess with them yet. Once you get out of frozen Petalburg, the Koopas are now Koopatrols. Regular, not dark. The dark ones will be coming hard and soon, but not yet. As such, I can't allow Niff T to sell POWs anymore. The first battle room has 2 Moon Clefts, the second has 2 Dark Bristles. You have to superguard the Bristles to death, and you probably should do so to the Clefts too. The quiz is the same, except failing gets you 2 black Chomps and 2 Phantom Embers. Beat them or pass the quiz.

GET FIRE DRIVE BEFORE ENTERING SHHWONK FORTRESS. It's now full of Wizzerds. The first 10 floors of the Pit have Badge Bandits, Dark Boos, Swoopulas, Moon Clefts and Frost Piranhas, the 10s have Dark Lakitus and Sky Blue Spinies, Phantom Embers, Ice Puffs, Spunias and black Chain Chomps. If you want to get Zap Tap at 30, the 20s have Dark Wizzerds, Dark Craws, Dry Bones, Dark Bristles and Bob-ulks. You shouldn't go past here yet, but the 30s have Wizzerds, Poison Puffs, Swampires, and Piranha Plants. The 40s have Arantulas, Elite Wizzerds, Dark Koopatrols and Dark Bones, with Amazy Dayzees sometimes seen in-battle. I'll re-add Dark Atomic Boo at 50. That's all the enemies, so for the second half of the Pit, there are plenty of weak enemies that I'm leaving out of the game. I'll rename, recolor and restat them and dump them in the Pit. I may have to put some of them in the story too, if I run out of real enemies.

Go back, get the stones, you'll have to fight 3 dark Wizzerds and a yellow Wizzerd each time. The midboss is an Elite. He's accompanied by 2 dark, and 2 yellow Wizzerds. Beat them and get out of Wizzerd hell as soon as possible. Get Koops, place the stones, enter the castle.

The paratroopas are now Swoopulas, so you can get Zap Tap at 30 if you want. Avoid or kill them and the Koopatrols, and talk to Dark Bones in the next room. Same fight as in the Palace, Dark and 4 Dry. You can't win this without Fire Drive. If you didn't get it for Wizzerd Fortress, you're required to now. Get paper mode, progress through the castle normally avoiding or killing the ice enemies, Koopatrols, Swoopulas and Dry Bones. Gloomtail is the same as the regular fight with him. It's just like PHPR Bonetail, but a heck of a lot less HP on both sides, and you have to deal with earthquake and charge. Beat him, he'll cough up Koops' dad and the Diamond Star. End.

I'm kinda out of ideas at this point, although I'm thinking of a cohesive story for the whole game. Also, should I edit the SPL? I feel like if I don't, Mario will just hyperlevel the heck out of the game. But if I do, he might be screwed due to being UNDERleveled.

Of course, the problem of actually finding an editor remains. But does it sound good so far? This may seem like an ambitious project, but it's nothing for any decent editor. You should see some Super Mario 64 hacks, like SM74: EE. Much more expansive hack than this would be.

User Info: MarioPenguin5

5 years ago#4
a more ambitious project would be making the editor if you ask me
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User Info: PaperPiranha

5 years ago#5
Keep dreaming, boy.
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User Info: pacman3621

5 years ago#6
I agree with MarioPenguin5. I'd like to get in contact with the guy who made Origami 64. That guy really knows what he's doing.
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