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  3. How did you kill vinnie

User Info: jedistormtroop

6 years ago#1
I'm an Xbox player,but the 360 board is dead so I came here

How's you kill him ?

For me it was plant a ru ap or y drop one near the phone go to the van and call bring bring hello? Use extended detonator and boom felt so satisfying
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User Info: gamesrgreat

6 years ago#2
Knife throw in the back while he is answering the phone
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User Info: sickindahead

6 years ago#3
You could sedate the doughnuts when no one's looking and take it to the van across from Vinnie's house. Then take one of the men in the van's suits, walk in the front door and upstairs, look for a little room just to the right once at the top, hide inside and wait for Vinnie. Eventually he'll come inside the room for a moment to himself. Pounce..

Get the micro film off the wife however you want, dress as the clown or pool boy, or get the bottle from the shed and use it on the bbq, or if you're feeling sadistic, follow her until she goes in the pool room and drown her..

Sorry for all the detail, but i've played most levels in Blood Money dozens of times and found many paths through each.

User Info: random_blah

6 years ago#4
Called him when he was out of the room, ran to the house across the street and unpacked my rifle, sniped him as he picked up the phone. Ended up getting Silent Assassin
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  3. How did you kill vinnie
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