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  3. won't run with a 6970?

User Info: emacdaddy08

8 years ago#1

Figured I'd try the demo,never played these games before but they looked fun. Got the demo off steam, once I'm in game all I see is black and light shafts, but once I press escape and it pops up the menu I can see everything perfectly clear? It's a long shot that anyone will see this, but any help would be appreciated.

User Info: kamikaze135

8 years ago#2
Delete it and reinstall it. Or right click on the game, go to Properties > Local Files > Verify.
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User Info: gameboy_84

8 years ago#3
I had the same problem. Also when i equip binoculars, the image returns to normal. To completely fix the problem, i used the default setting for video. Hope it works for you too.

User Info: Mystoksor

8 years ago#4
Seems to be a problem with all ATI users. You can't have Antialiasing and post-filters LOD active at the same time. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the ATI drivers or because of the game's partnership with nvidia.

User Info: DukeNukeThem

8 years ago#5
Must be a more recent ATI driver that's borked it, as I replayed the game about a year ago on my Radeon 4850 with no issues.
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  2. Hitman: Blood Money
  3. won't run with a 6970?
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