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User Info: delphaskyhawk

12 years ago#1
Has anyone else who has played this game played the grand slams in the first year as a player? Mission mode will never let you get far but experienced players should be able to do well on normal mode.

I've just won the Roland Garros on normal mode in my first year with a new female player. Ridiculously (I think), her ranking is only 83rd, even though I also reached the semi-final of the Australian Open. Sure she hasn't proved herself in other tournaments besides these two but she has taken on and won against top players, including the number 1 in the world, so surely she should be higher? This is probably the thing I like least about this game, that and the bizarre tournament 'seeding' structure that doesn't stay true to real life. Plus, if I don't win the French Open next year, my ranking will be sure to decrease!

So has anyone else attempted this? Have you managed to win?

User Info: C-hawk915

12 years ago#2
I think the developers are just trying to keep the game more realistic...Even if you did do that well in your first two majors, you still started the year off ranked at 250, so you'd have to accrue more points to get into the top 50 or 20.
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