Dialogue being Skipped

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User Info: Eric037

7 years ago#1
I ran into something weird.

While playing through the Arcade mode, on the stage 4-2 boss (Yukari, the card lady) with Niigi G.B. (the one with the cat), one of the lines of dialogue just skips past. It shows the dialogue for a split-second without playing the audio, then goes right to the next dialogue.

I didn't press any button to advance the dialogue myself. I only got to hear the skipped dialogue by playing it back in the Story Recollect option on the main menu.

The same thing happened when I reached Roger Sasuke's (the ninja) ending. One of the dialogue lines just skips right by, and I only got to hear it in Story Recollect.

Has anyone else noticed this? It was kind of annoying.
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