Best late-game car

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User Info: Xeno_Predator

10 years ago#1
In your opinion, what is your best late game car? I'm new to the game so I want to make my purchases worthwhile :D

User Info: Black_Mazda_MX3

10 years ago#2
I like most of the late boss' custom cars. I haven't played for a while and can't really decide on one single car.
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User Info: kurumis_master

10 years ago#3
Yes, some cars are better than others ... but,

I like choosing something I like in real life or have owned in real life, sort of living the fantasy thing.

I have owned FC3S RX-7s ... but never an FD3S ... so I usually get one of those and upgrade it, capable of beating pretty much anything if you drive and tune it properly.

Of course, boss cars and such are some of the best of the best.

Hope you find one you like.
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User Info: Rotary_Junkie

10 years ago#4
I like a nice little Lotus Europa with a turbo rotary.

And a WEST Corvette for rainy days and most parts of Tokyo (Europa can't stop itself quick enough to not blow through corners.)
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