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  3. Finally, the ULTIMATE NEW PLAYER TOPIC!!! (No SPOILERS, but just in case)

User Info: jokermatt999

14 years ago#451
0_o It's a sticky...you don't need to bump it, do you?
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User Info: Sir_Pobalot

14 years ago#452
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User Info: CarbunkleFlux

14 years ago#453
PokeEiyuu: Do you mind if I use that information you posted about the number of times to fuse each passive skill in an FAQ I'm writing? I will give you the necessary credit.

User Info: pokeeiyuu

14 years ago#454
Sure, go for it. Like that post says, it's just translated off of a Japanese site.
If you'd like my condensed version of this topic that I've been logging, I could send that to you for your FAQ, but then it's not like it's really anything but the stuff from here that I deem worthy of remembering (should it ever go unsticky) and the names of those people who contributed them.

User Info: CarbunkleFlux

14 years ago#455
Sure, that'd be great! It's hard to keep track of who gave what info first in this topic, so any way I can credit the right people would work wonders ^_^. Please send that to AlphaDaos.-nospam-.@aol.com (Without the .-nospam-.).

User Info: tbonehavoc

14 years ago#456
Wow... Wiggy is freaking amazing... Man I need to start paying more attention to the pinned topics
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User Info: Lagoona

14 years ago#457
From: RPGgamer777 | Posted: 6/27/2005 3:52:32 PM | Message Detail
i dunno if this has been said yet but u don't have to name all the characters u make. during the name character screen just click the done button and the game will give u a random name. just found that out after trying to get some good titles.

And like in Disgaea, there are very cool and funny names you can get. I had a few good laughs with names that would never have come to my mind... :-)
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User Info: redmoon762

14 years ago#458
this is the longest thread in the forum.......juz keep bumping

User Info: Iniera

14 years ago#459
It's_a_sticky. It doesn't need to be bumped.
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User Info: Check Mark

Check Mark
14 years ago#460
Aww man... I knew I should've read this topic before playing. I missed Snakish. :(

would it be worth it to start all over again? I'm not very far, but I got a pretty decent team >_>
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  3. Finally, the ULTIMATE NEW PLAYER TOPIC!!! (No SPOILERS, but just in case)
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