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User Info: MXCM

10 months ago#1
EXP +100% with Hippopressor (8 turns)
X level 7 is the safest, but X or Zero must have the first turn (not Hippopressor)

X Fire must use Charge Collider to 100% if he has the eight turn (not use Power Charge nor Shell Buster in this battle)
Black Zero must use "Zero Dragon Slash"... and Heat Haze only if he has the eight turn (in the Command Arts).




X level 15 vs Wild Jango. 4 Power+1 Force Metals equipped. Fire Buster equipped.

1-X -> X Fire. Use Shell Buster + "A" attack
2-X Fire. Use Shell Buster + "A" attack
3-X Fire. Use Shell Buster + Charge Collider to 52% WE in the eight turn of the battle.

Spider: make at least two critical hits of three hits.
1-Spider -> Trickstar. Use Twin Missile + Fortune Card. Must be "Pair" which to least 1 of two hits is critical.
2-Trickstar. Use Item Capture + Twin Missile + "A" attack. Must be critical hit if Trickstar did least 1 of two hits in his last turn.



Spider Lv. 13 (it is necessary to equip four Power + 1 Force Metals), X Lv. 16, Massimo Lv.11 (it is necessary to unlock the "Y" button on his Berserk Charge).

For unlock the "Y" button, equip Massimo Power Charge as sub-weapon and two Power+1 FM. Fight vs an Einhammer alongside other/s enemy/es. Defeat at least other enemy (not Einhammer), and this last will use Break Shield. After that, accumulate WE, and transform Glint Armor, use Power Charge + pass the turn, here you must hope that Einhammer does not attack Glint Armor but he will counteratacck and ruin your Power Charge and you will have to charge again, then in his next turn use Power Charge + action trigger. You can inflict:
3110, 3111, 3283, 3284, 3386, 3387, 3456, 3457, 3525, 3628, 3629, 3733, 3801, or 3802 damages
Glint Armor at lv 11 is guarantee inflict at least 3000 damage to Einhammer (after Break Shield).

For Silver Horn.
X must be equipped with Thunder Buster, and Spider with Queen of Diamonds. Have if possible 9 Mega Thunder in reserve. Have 9 Power +1 Force Metals. To Massimo equip Power Charge and Micro Missile as sub-weapons. To X equip Micro Missile and Thunder Missile. To Spider equip Item Capture and Thunder Missile.

Even if you want to steal to Silver Horn his Combat Absorber and Shot Absorber you can do it in this same battle, it would help a lot if you steal one of his items on Spider's first turn, if not reset and load your save file.

Be careful to the Silver Horn's initial attack, since if it is Cryogenics, you must hope that it does not freeze your character, but rather reset and load your save file. I suggest starting with everyone using their Hyper Modes from the start, even the X Fire's "A" button does more damage than the Thunder Buster's "A" button.

Damages of "A" button using Thunder Buster (not X Fire):
615, 616, 649, 651, 669, 670, 684, 685, 697, 738, 739, 717, 718, 751, 753

Damages of "A" button with X Fire:
669, 670, 706, 707, 729, 730, 744, 745, 758, 759, 781, 782, 803, 804, 819

With Spider / Trickstar use Item Capture + Thunder Missile + attack every turn (don't use their action trigger in the whole battle). With Massimo / Glint Armor uses attack, on his next turn he can use Power Charge + action trigger, and then Power Charge + attack. With X Fire uses attack, in his next two turns use Shell Buster + attack, and after that use Power Charge + attack; watch how many turns your hyper mode has left as you must save 1 to use it as the final blow.
If you need to heal with someone use Massimo or X (use the All Life Gain MAX with confidence, you can use it 3 times although you will probably only use 2 times at most), not with Spider because you will have to steal his second item. Once you steal his second Spider item, he can heal.

Use 100% WE of Charge Collider when Silver Horn has approx. from 4200 to 4150 LE (75% of 4150 is 3113 damage) and you will be in a Final Strike, you will inflict about 3512 damage (for reference, the range is around 2447 to 4577 damage).
If you beat it in 40 turns, the Final Strike must be at least 61 hits to get EXP + 100%, since if it were 60 hits it would be EXP + 75%. If you beat it in 41 turns, even if the Final Strike is 66 hits, you will get EXP + 75% guaranted and we do not want that.
If you don't fall into a Final Strike I recommend reset and load your save file.

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  3. EXP+100% vs first three bosses (Hippopressor, Wild Jango, Silver Horn)
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