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User Info: BSkullX

1 year ago#1
-This game is the very first installment of the "Rockman X" series to be presented completely as an RPG, so is there anything special you had to pay extra attention to?

Kitabayashi: About the elements that could make it an Action game. We needed to take in mind that feeling of high-speed from the X series, and at the same time being cautious of not destroying the world we had built so far.

Togawa: We were very careful not to mess up the tempo, which is the most important part of an action game. Things like the Cross-Orders (X Orders), or mechanics that involve messages li{ke "This character's actions end in 1 turn", linking the different world areas, putting together those things so that the flow wouldn't collapse. So in the end we went with a process of reducing the "select your option and then select your target" stuff.

Kitabayashi: At first we were afraid when we heard of that idea. I mean, we needed to come up with a way where we wouldn't have to make everything again from the command system. But in the end, I think it came up really well, so we felt relieved.

-Then, if there is ever a Command Mission 2, would there be jumps or buster shots?

Togawa: We might go with visible enemies in the field instead of random encounters, so you could shoot that buster in the field.

Takenaka: That would be an Action game! (laughs)

Mega Man 11 is available!

User Info: GoukiAkujiki

1 year ago#2
Translated interviews can be so awkward and cringey sometimes lol. Thanks for sharing!

User Info: DevsBro

1 year ago#3
Nice, I always noticed the control was unusual for a TBJRPG but I never realized that was why.
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