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  3. Power Charge and a subweapon missile type

User Info: DevsBro

2 years ago#11
GoukiAkujiki posted...
X, Zero, and Cinnamon is the only party you need. Bring in Marino to steal, but those three do damage while staying healed and filling WE. Axl is ridiculously weak. I’ve never used him I don’t think and I certainly am not on this run.

Oh, which reminds me, what are the specifics of his weapons that are meant for particular enemy types? I have the Mettaur one and the Mechaniloid one. Tried them both and the damage was pathetic.

Yep, this 100%. Only exception is I do use Axl at times just for the sake of it--to have the hunters in one party. But that usually doesn't last long at all.

And yes, even his specialty guns are awful even against their intended targets. Plus why do you get the gun which is supposedly strong against bosses when you have defeated every boss? Plus, WTF at the one that is strong against humans? Do you fight any humans in the game? Doesn't that make you a group of mavericks? Though it is worth mentioning that he can combine his hypermode with that subweapon that attracts enemy attacks to make the whole party invincible for a few turns.

XZC is always my party too, except early on as Spider is easily the best character in the game, especially when it comes to final strike. That Kitty Glove is amazing, even with the statuses always failing against bosses, and she also has a super-powerful final strike, plus the healing is invaluable to boot.

And yes, Marino is great for stealing in the last chapter. That's where you steal all the overpowered stuff lol. And it really is overpowered af considering that you can steal most of it endlessly.
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User Info: GoukiAkujiki

2 years ago#12
Human enemies are the reploids that are human-like in appearance, just like the Beast, Insect, etc.

This game has FF10’s battle system kinda; they should have copied the ability to switch weapons during battles. That would help a lot.
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User Info: Sub Tank

Sub Tank
2 years ago#13
I'm guessing (or hoping) it was mistranslated from "humanoid."

I've found Axl somewhat useful for bossses that have elemental weaknesses and minions. Aside from that, he's typically benched for making me have to think about X7.

I used Massimo and Cinnimon for the longest time because their secret shop weapons were fairly affordable early in the game. Spider too. His crits were no joke.
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  3. Power Charge and a subweapon missile type
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