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User Info: Squall_exe

4 years ago#1
Now I've read a couple of tips for it, obviously use the basic Zero Slash Down+Right, use as main WE+ stuff you can equip, but what else can I do without buying a special controller?

Can leveling him up increase his base WE? And will that increase the time I have to input commands?
He's on 22 at the moment should I wait until level 30

Will having Absolute Zero help? at the moment I can just barely make it to 10-11 & that stupid gap in the inputs keeps screwing up commands.

User Info: Squall_exe

4 years ago#2
Ok, I have learned that using the analog stick helps, I managed to get up to 13 but it's still doesn't read my inputs properly like it does with the dpad. Not sure how I'm going to sqeeze those last 3 hits in...

User Info: Ultimate_Nova_X

4 years ago#3
Absolute 0 will not help. It replaces his AT completely. Level doesn't help either.

You need your WE to be 100 for you to attempt it, use Generators.

I did it with the D-Pad, it's speed and rhythm.

And finally, Zero Shift sux.
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