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User Info: blahbamouth

6 years ago#1
So I have been researching it on youtube and know I really want it!! I found it on amazon.com but it's used and for most computer games once the key has been entered onto your computer then only you can play it. Is it safe for me to buy a used version of Lotr Bfme? Or should I continue searching for a new one?
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User Info: darkcresent91

6 years ago#2
im having this problem with the 2nd one.
and the new ones are redicously priced

User Info: futureTrunks374

6 years ago#3
Actually you can go ahead and buy a used one now, since the key only has to be a new, unique one for online (and they took the online servers down a while back), so yeah honestly anything will be fine.
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User Info: blaster_dude

6 years ago#4
You should probably just torrent it at this point, its too hard or expensive to find, and morally I doubt anyone would care for a game this old.
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