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User Info: nickod77

8 years ago#1
All of the BFME games are getting there servers shutdown once its the new Year.


remove parentheses at the .com.

User Info: futureTrunks374

8 years ago#2
All of them ?! I thought it was just bfme 1 :'(

User Info: waylander501

8 years ago#3
hello all, nothing to do with what u guys posted but am confused bout this game so gonna ask here and see if anyone knows. Bought Battle for middle earth 1 the other day, not a download and not a pirated version but the real thing and after bout 5 minutes playing every unit dies for no reason, some kind of built in anti-piracy thing gone mad i hear. no point asking EA cause it be like talking to a wall. just wondering if anyone here knows how to stop that happening or work around it or something?

many thanks

User Info: Wren28

8 years ago#4

I can't recall the exact route to get there, but start here: C:/ProgramFiles/EA/Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth...

If you installed it on a different letter drive than C go there, not sure if it's under EA or Electronic Arts and after the BFME part you will need to open a folder but I cannot recall which one and I am not on the computer that has it installed at this time. You need to find something that says: Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth_code put the code from your game in again and that should fix your problem.

User Info: nickod77

8 years ago#5
all 3 games online are dead.

User Info: nickod77

8 years ago#6
unless u have Hamachi, or gameranger, or LAN.

User Info: Icehound

8 years ago#7
Are you ****ing serious? They're down permanently?! My friend and I play this all the time!!
This time, it's Biblical!
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