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User Info: WhitePhoenix86

9 years ago#1
Well, I'm glad everyone else is enjoying BFME. I wish I could join you =/

I recently reinstalled the game to my Vista laptop. In the past, the game worked fine with no problems whatsoever. Only problem is, whenever I go to run the game, the splash screen comes up and then displays that I don't have the original disc in....when I DO.

I have tried reinstalling, using patches 1.02 and 1.03, I've tried no CD cracks for all three versions, and either I get the same or the game refuses to launch, period. I am completely lost as to why this has happened especially as it worked fine a year back!!!! I've Googled this extensively but nothing has worked. =( I'd really like to give this game a shot again as I never got round to finishing it the first time round. Can somebody please drag me from my (likely) Vista induced hell?

P.S My laptop more than meets the system requirements (back when the game worked, it ran near flawlessly) and I'm on Vista Home Premium 32 bit.
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