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User Info: Miu_san

11 months ago#1
Clearly they had to cut the budget to include a free wireless adapter for the gameboy advance because this game doesn't add anything to the series (seriously, check out the differences between this and the gen I, in reality it's a whole lot of nothing to improve your experience, moltress got flung to timbutoo, held items aren't given readily, exp share is still ridiculously far into the game requiring 50 mons, and so are rods given late, you have to eat dirt off the floor to get the equivalent of an ordinary berry, pickup gives you junk berries, learnsets were barely improved for some mons because they put more original work into ruby/sapphire) and the sevii islands are so horribly sparsely designed with repeat mons like geodude and meowth it's like they hired some intern to make it in RPG Maker. emerald single handedly destroys all the sevii islands by having actual organisation hideouts and the unlockable gen 2 safari zone. given the available weather effects in gen 3 like snow/ash, sandstorm, rain and high usage of abilities like waterfall and dive they put zero effort to actually improve this game by not including any of the above and added terrible knockoff moves like frenzy plant, blast burn, and hydro cannon when hyper beam, fire blast and hydro pump already exist and do a better job at attempting to nuke your opposing starter. you bet your ass they make those moves miss 90% of the time anyway with its 90 accuracy due to cheating A.I. this is like the horrible knockoff someone gets for you over pokemon emerald.

quick likes:
-dewgong now has thick fat so it tanks fire moves like a champ because the cheating A.I opponent is so dumb despite having all the luck in poisoning or freezing your pokemon in the world that it will spam fire moves just because it sees ice lmao gen 3 really be like that
-flash lights up the whole area unlike hoenn

quick dislikes:
-all these braille in sevii islands and you don't get any regi legendaries lmao here's dunsparse
-40 hour plus gameplay and they still expect you to play the other games to get version exclusives, ditto for one use TMs
-world is small, even smaller now that you get running shoes after the first gym
-puzzles are still low effort compared to other gen 3 titles
-can't deposit junk key item or balls into PC anymore, deprovement from gen 1
-rockets have no theme given to them, despite gen 2 and pokemon TCG2 already giving them
-all battles use more or less the exact same pokemon with very few new moves so it's a recycled decades old product that didn't improve on it unlike gen 2, what is lt surge? still voltorb pikachu raichu? no electabuzz? no magneton? no jolteon? epic fail in keeping gyms relevant when given the gen 3 variety
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User Info: pokedude7

11 months ago#2
*sigh* FRLG are remakes of RB. They were released only so players can get 1st and 2nd gen mons on Emerald.
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User Info: The_alchemy1356

11 months ago#3
Lol, cheating AI? I bet you must be one of those people who say Battle Frontier cheats because it has hax and critical hits against the player while failing to take into effect the number of times the player successfully initiate a hax or crits against the AI opponent. And funny you mention FRLG is so bad while LGPE is even worse of a remake, with the removal of so many main features like held items, abilities, breeding, wild battles and catch mechanic that is core to the Pokemon franchise that are carried over from the old generation to the new generation. I for one rather replay FRLG as a proper Gen 1 remake rather than LGPE anytime anyday of the week.
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