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User Info: Mianame

10 years ago#1
Just out of curiosity, does anyone remember the old pickup truck in Red and Blue next to the S.S. Anne? It had no point as far as I remember, but I do remember seeing it. I saw the paths in the water next to the S.S. Anne in Fire Red, but I wanted to know if it's still there or if there's any point to it this time?

User Info: matheson

10 years ago#2
all i remember about SS Anne and Red/Blue was being super cool and trading in a pokmone with cut after Misty, then by-passing SS Anne and coming back after you have surf, then surfing around the boat. Should still be possible in FR/LG.

It was also fun to beat your rival after he somehow levels-down all his pokemon, hehe.
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User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
10 years ago#3
IIRC, you get a Lava Cookie by doing that in FR/LG. My memory is pretty hazy, but whatever you find next to that truck, it's not worth going through a big hassle for it. If you can do it easily, fine. But if you can't, don't lose sleep.
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

10 years ago#4
Lava Cookie aside, the truck is as useless as it was in RBY.

User Info: Sad_Panda323

10 years ago#5
I remember a rumor that you could move it with Strength and there was a cave where you could catch Mewtwo.
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User Info: RaikouTGC

10 years ago#6
Actually the Rumor was Mew, but it was false rumor
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User Info: load

10 years ago#7
No man, you needed Super Strength!
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User Info: Sad_Panda323

10 years ago#8
Actually the Rumor was Mew, but it was false rumor

Oh, I meant Mew. Just a stupid typo.
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User Info: Spikletalf

10 years ago#9
Good times. Good times. *Reminisces*
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User Info: Ultimate_Nova_X

10 years ago#10
I can't seem to find that truck. Where is it?
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