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User Info: rikku1987

7 years ago#1
My first question is what is the best method to level up healers? Asking because my method is kinda risky but what I have been doing so far is weakening the monster with other characters and when its really close to dying I have my healer attack it so it will die so they get decent exp...So just wondering if there's a way better method.. Oh also im in the beginning of the game still.

My second question is why are rangers and mages meh in the game? Im asking cuz from what I read up on there not so good in this game...and so far they seem decent.

Last question is Is there a way to somehow make Yogurt good? Cuz hes kinda cute so if thereis a way I can make him good id like to.. But from what I heard there nothing to make him good....

Ty in advance for answering my questions!!

User Info: Rohkmarr

7 years ago#2
For your healers, keep healing and kill near death ennemies. Don't take too much time to rise Lowe as he is the worst healer of the game. He doesn't have a good set of spells, so...

Rangers and mages... By rangers, you mean your bowmens ? If so, you should only level one of them. Things are better when their reach increases, but for the starting game, their pretty bad. Even with that, they generally don't have good stats.
For mages, i love them. They are weaker than in the original game but worth it in my opinion. With better area spells, they'll do a lot of damages in your opponents ranks. (* spoiler * Try to rise
Dom in go, it's a great caster *end of spoiler *)

In Yogurt's case, don't try anything, his stats can't grow up even if you give him levels. It's just a gimmick character.

i hope it will help.
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