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User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
8 years ago#1
I kept loading until he got huge stats every level (playing on an emulator, so didn't take very long at all), then I also gave him all my stat potions. He's like a healing version of Darksol now. He gets surprisingly large level ups if you work it enough to get them. He can attain +4's in stats even before he's level 5. So for me, his defense and speed ended up highest in the group with everyone at the same level, and his attack was nearly the highest, only shy of Max who got multiple large ATK bonuses as he leveled (I've been loading for each character to make sure I got good gains with everyone).

On first playthrough, I've been soloing the game with him (leaving Max at the beginning of each stage). It's been fun so far. I've only had trouble with the desert/zombie level so far. I had to level him up more than I figured I'd have to in order to clear that stage because of the mages being so brutal in combination to that wall of zombies.

Discuss the awesomeness of Gong, as he blasts monsters in the face like a thug, not needing weapons like the other wussies in the Shining Force.

User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
8 years ago#2
Ever since the first zombie fight, I've never had to bother leveling him up for awhile. Easily blew through the cave with the skeleton, beat the circus battle in one try (the three dolls that cast freeze gave me trouble though since I didn't attack from the side like I should have. . .but Marionette was a joke. 2 hits, done. Didn't even have to heal except before attacking her).

Getting some gigantic level ups after 10 too, so now I'm one hitting everything including overkilling the Ghoul at Shade Abbey by double digits in one blow.

Gong. The man, the myth, the legend.

Edit: Easily just soloed chapter 3 with him too (the one with the laser eye at the end of it). I haven't used any stat boosting items on him at all, and I stopped using save states to get good level ups with him basically after he was level 8. . .and he's just walking right through the game with no difficulty at all. He even steamrolled the Laser Eye, getting 2 hits in and taking it out instantly. I have to keep stalling to dump his MP for exp because I barely even need to heal myself more than 1-2 times per map. Still one hitting everything (except Laser Eye, but he managed to one-turn it anyway). Only bosses and mages seem to be able to do more than 1 HP of damage to him too. Though I suspect I may have to use DEF potions on him soon if Elliot proves too difficult.

User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
8 years ago#3
Got all the way to Ramaldu before I couldn't solo with Gong anymore. All the aggressive Torch Eyes packed together were just too much since he couldn't one hit them.

Still, did pretty well with him. Not sure why people on here say he sucks. I just soloed the whole game up to Ramaldu and the Torch Eyes with him (no stat boosters). It was even easy for most of the game. The only stuff I had trouble with were the monster enemies that had special attacks that do roughly 20 damage per special attack. aka the Torch Eyes, Chimeras, Blue Dragons, and Skullforces. Still, none of them are dangerous anyway except in packs. Just barely beat the battle before Ramaldu, and it took every last drop of my MP and Gong's 3 Healing Seeds he was carrying to beat it.

But yeah, soloed game until the last part with Gong. He's good. I'll try to duo the rest of the game with Max and Gong laters to see if I can manage at least that.

Anyone else do any solos or duos or trios or whatever for fun? It feels more fun than using 12 guys. Using just 2-6 feels more fun to me. I did that for a bit too after proving I could solo with Gong. I used Max and Domingo, then Bleu. Realized Domingo really wasn't that good (never carried his weight), and Bleu doesn't do any more damage than Gong. I've thought on replacing Domingio with Adam, but prolly not worth the time. Still, Max, Gong, and Bleu is a pretty solid trio. Gong always tends to be the best character of the group, but Max with his Chaos Breaker is making it really easy since he's one hitting most stuff.

User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
8 years ago#4
kk, beat the game with Gong and Max. I ended up putting the Miracle Mace on Gong (inventory), and was using that as his attack for awhile. It seems to be unbreakable like the Chaos Breaker, only it's spell is even better (Bolt 4). Easily walked through the rest of the game with Gong and Max. Couldn't solo the last set of battles with just Gong though, so solo failed. :(

User Info: LegendX1

8 years ago#5
I wonder if Globe saw this.
Life=GGG (Games,Girls,and Grades)

User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
8 years ago#6
He did, but his head exploded as soon as he opened the topic.

Seriously though, Gong really is better suited to soloing than most characters in the game. The healing is such a huge advantage. I can see why some might think Gong isn't good in a 12-man team. . .but you clearly don't need a full team to beat the game anyway, so there's plenty of fat to trim.

Domingo for example, sucks by himself. I tried playing with trios and duos and stuff, not just solos, and Domingo wasn't very useful at all. Constantly the worst character in each battle (of the people I used). But he's good when using a full t eam since you don't notice certain characters' flaws, whereas you also don't see the strengths of others such as Gong.

His stats aren't the best, but it doesn't matter. Spells, especially Heal, make him more useful than most characters with better stats and no spells.
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