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User Info: ICXCIX

8 years ago#1
By new I also mean first for the GBA remake. I am following a guide just so I can complete the card thing on the first run so I won't have to worry on my 2nd.

I notice how abusable some of the characters are. Knowing how to play the game already and knowing that heal spells are honestly unneeded for the first chapter or so with a little grinding I decided to use the heal spell at any given moment just for the 10 exp.

On chapter 2 I just got my new mage friend and Lowe got his lv20 promotion because I decided to train my new healer to level 9. The monk is level 16 only because I use him to fight and heal when he can't attack.

Simply put attacking give less exp then healing after that point where you quit getting 48 exp per kill with that character.

Tao learn a sleep spell and I notice that it always works making it useful compare to most games but more importantly it give that 10 exp per turn if you can find a monster to use it on repeatedly.

I know the game wasn't meant to be played this way and the healers only get the exp that they do so they can keep up but honestly, if you know Lowe going to be slow as hell and not be given the chance to use that 12 MP that he have saved up then wouldn't you use it for the exp? Beside with all of the characters you kinda want to get what you can out of them before they become useless right?

Currently Gong (I am pretty sure I spell that correctly) the monk is one of my favorites. He can get attacked by a dark mage to get it in range then one hit kill it. After the battle he can move closer to his next opponent AND heal himself if needed. It may be because he is over leveled but maybe he just meant to be a Captain Falcon of the Shining world? =P

So anyone think this is borderline cheating or do you think these characters were meant to be this way? It a tactical game that let you restart the battle at no cost so regardless having fun is all that matters imo.
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