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User Info: dumas92000

11 years ago#1
Hey all,

Also posted to the Gamefaqs Gungrave forum and the Cerberus Overdose forum.
So apologies in advance if you've seen this before (just trying to get the word out/get as many opinions as possible ^_^').

I've been thinking about this for some time, but I think it might be worth doing.
I'm talking about a petition (care of petitionsonline.com) to Red for a third title in the series.

Here's the first draft of the message to be included with the (electronic) signatures:

petition title> "Petition to Red Entertainment, RE: Gungrave 3"

"We, the undersigned, being fans of the previous titles in the franchise, request that Red Entertainment Inc. (and as many of the previously involved parties as possible) ready a third installment in the Gungrave series.

Beyond this, we have no collective requests.
However, where applicable, brief personal comments and/or requests can be found alongside the name of the corresponding signatories.


What does everyone think? Additions? Subtractions? Different wording?
Other requests that we do, indeed, agree on as a group?

Anyone think this is a good idea?

User Info: inxaract

11 years ago#2
I played Gungrave : Overdose for a few times and now I'm playing Kick-Ass mode (vey hard) . Your idea is good . This game is better stylish than Devil May Cry (especially those demolition shots and cutscenes) . Concept idea for any possible GunGrave 3 is fair enough to write inventingly . The unique idea parameter is beautiful and clever : a hero beyond grave ! Let's see . But who will play these games ? You know Red Entertainment is not a big into video game corporation . They may not have enough courage or money to make another GG game . PS3 haven't yet take big franchise style games mostly and gamers of PS3 is now thinking what to play now . This is actually chance for Red Entertainment to make another GG games . Because there aren't many video games around and GG3 can be noticed by real video game players other than those Wii casual babies !! I will check out your site .

Man , this sad that there are a lot of video games people not yet noticed and played them . anyway I like them and play them . Good Luck to you !!
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  3. Comments/suggestions/thoughts about a Gg3 petition
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