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User Info: MysticGoten888

11 years ago#1
How the hell do you do it?

I'm so disappointed in Falcom for making such a poorly controlled and hard to perform option like this necessary.

Does anyone have any video of anyone doing it?


User Info: MysticGoten888

11 years ago#2
I found some videos of people doing it here:

As to how to do it (from the guides):
The Dash Slash - The dash slash is preformed with a quick tap in the direction
you want to slash, and then press the square button almost immediately after.
It is easiest to do with the D-pad, tap a direction, wait a split second (not
immediately) and then tap the square button. This is the dash slash.

The Dash Jump - Everybody's favourite move they love to hate. First you must
master the dash slash technique, if you do that it really isn't that hard to
get this. Rather than pressing the square button to do the dash slash, press
the square button and then the jump button right afterward, press the two
buttons so instantaneously that you are almost hitting them at the same time,
but you MUST hit the square button first. A very large jump follows.

"Dash Jump" - I'll summarize what Justus told me about this.Basically, you do the dash-attack, and right after you press the attack key to execute the dash, hold the directional key and
press jump in a nice "mid-tempo waltz" or "um, bah bah bah" rhythm, or "D-key, Attack D-key Jump".

User Info: MysticGoten888

11 years ago#3
I can do it sometimes, the 3rd strategy worked best for me.

Already got the Eldlan Orb (helps with mp gauge building).

Doing it with a 360 controller analog stick, getting the Kapra's Elixir will be hell on me.

User Info: MysticGoten888

11 years ago#4
Just got the Capla Water.

I used 2 regular jumps to get onto the little pole, then dash jumped to the other platform.

I then jumped to the next platform, jumped over to the next one, and managed to reach the treasure chest using a regular jump from the northwest end of the last platform or southeast from the chest.

Good luck everyone!

User Info: MysticGoten888

11 years ago#5
The 2nd strategy worked for me best, not the 3rd*

User Info: MysticGoten888

11 years ago#6
And of course later you can get a Capla Water by using the Gratlos Talisman to breathe underwater at Moonset Shore, so you don't have to worry about getting the Capla Water at the Ruins of Amnesia.

User Info: Fursuits4Every1

11 years ago#7
Not sure if I remember correctly but you have to tap a direction for just a second and then let go and the moment adol stops, hit the jump button.
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