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User Info: JusticeZero

5 years ago#1
Items are fairly easy to get, but ever wonder how to get weapons easily? Here is my strategy for farming the highest level weapons.

- Learn Discern Lv.3
- Put on Lv.50 Kappa Amulet for Luck (probably doesn't do anything, but w/e)
- Set difficulty to Chaos
- Go to Yukimura's 5th stage Nagashino bottom path
- Finish: defeat Shibata+Niwa mission, defeat Keiji mission, defeat Hideyoshi mission, cross Emyouji River mission, find Nobunaga mission
- All the remaining officers will come to you. Defeat the ones that drop items (NOT *weapons*). Weaken Nobunaga to 1 hit, weaken Toshiie and Nobutada to 1 hit (they drop weapons), save (preferably on your horse with full musou). When you load hopefully you start right out and kill both Toshiie and Nobutada with 1 slash, then go over and kill Nobunaga with horse musou.

It sounds complicated but it's easy to set up and each round takes almost exactly 55 seconds including the loading times from title screen to title screen. With this method I farm over 120 weapons in 1 hour. Why do it this way? Not only do you farm the best stuff from 5th stages, but it yields the highest number of weapons per minute far and away. Sure there's setup time, but to get a decent weapon for 1 character it usually takes me around 700-850 weapons, or around 6-7 hours with this trick. This is not me exaggerating, I usually listen to around 5 or 6 game music CDs per character, VGM CDs being around 60-70 minutes long. Compare this to something like Kunoichi's 4th Ueda Castle.

- 4th stage not 5th so lower overall chance for the really super weapons
- Each round takes roughly 8 minutes including loading times at 4 weapons per level. That's roughly 30 weapons per hour vs. 120 per hour. If I estimate setup time for my trick being 1 hour, then I get 120 weapons in the first two hours vs. Ueda Castle giving me roughly 60 weapons in the same amount of time. It would take 4 hours to match my trick's first 2 hours (with each hours after that yielding 120, not 60).
- You have to play through the whole level EVERY time (just to get 4 weapons)

Or compare it to a stage you have to actually try and defeat enemies EVERY TIME, which good luck playing on Chaos. Best you could probably do otherwise is to beat a commander near a box with a weapon in it, then you're still only farming 1 per round, rather than 2.

btw by "decent weapon" I mean good stats+element, like Attack, Defense, Musou Charge/Attack Range etc, not total garbage like Agility, Jump, etc or something worthless like Darkness element. It is VERY hard to get 3 out of 4 desired stats on a weapon, 4 out of 4 is nearly impossible, and then if you want, say, Ice on your weapon, you multiply all the odds times 4. Ouch.

VERY time efficient trick here, for those wondering a good way to farm weapons. I can't recommend this enough, I've done it with many characters now. But if you have a level to get more weapons in one restart (like if you could do 3), let me know! I haven't explored every level thoroughly, I just realized this trick very quickly. One reason I think it would be very hard to find another trick that works this well: for this particular stage, when you complete the find Nobunaga mission, every remaining officer comes for you (excluding Noh who drops EXP anyway). This allows you to set the weapon droppers up near the commander. In other stages, you won't have that opportunity, because officers have a certain range in the stage you usually can't lead them away from (no matter what, they'll always go back when they cross a certain point). And even if not, it would be very hard luring everyone around.

btw you could conceivably get 3 weapons in this stage because Hanbei drops a weapon, but he is Hideyoshi's sub officer and I don't find it worthwhile to leave him alive. It also would get hard to setup 3 officers for one defeat!

I hope this trick helps even one person :p
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