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User Info: cylink123456789

5 years ago#1
how do I not get owned by those ninja that jump on you, and flip you in air, then I get hit by officer once im finally able to stand up?
i just downloaded this other day for emulator, and it lags when more then 6 enemys on screen but being able to play the game i loved so much back then is worth it, superior voice actors over 2 and 3.

as much as i want SW 4, i feel actors will be same level as 3's but if they add story mode back for characters ( Like Okuni), and not just the big ones like shingen, nobunaga, etc etc, it would be nice, although im kinda bias'd... ( my quote : P) although i would buy a PS4 or xbox one, just for samurai warriors 4, as long as it had Okuni with a decent voice + own story mode(s), or better voice actors for most of the cast.
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