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User Info: Jaro23

5 years ago#1
Dear both of you.

You have plagued this Samurai Warriors forum for many years now and both have been seen to claim to yourselves as "experts" and/or "most dedicated" and no one ever questioned it.

but now after over 5 years the truth shows it's self.

on February 5th 2013 MonarchPaulos posted a request for help asking for "masters" to help him but neither of you responded and the topic closed unanswered.

I guess when the pressure is on you just can't deliver. but worry not, more samurai warrior forums have appeared on different sites and they have even got the algorithm for CAW stat increasing which includes the fabled "Keiji Build"

So sit down little boys! Let the men handle stuff like mathematics and figuring out how things actually work. In the meantime go complain about how you hate the new samurai warriors games.

oh wait! you already did :)

User Info: redwind23

5 years ago#2
I'm going to be honest. this is an abrasive thread Jaro. Chances are you'll get banned before anyone really sees it.

However, After I saw this I went digging and I see what you're talking about. but i mean, I think everyone kind of ignores Geese and ff7 anyway so why bring it out in the open like that?

Besides I'm sure everyone already knows about the algorithm and that whole Keiji build that Bosit figured out by now.

Really just an unnecessary thread...

User Info: redjaro23

5 years ago#3
I totally just made this account to mock the fact the both of your names end in 23. I thought it was hilarious!

User Info: redwind23

5 years ago#4
I didn't even notice that lol

User Info: SaintTweeter

5 years ago#5
Ok? I am quite flattered to have a crazed stalker though.
Potemkin's new design in Guilty Gear Xrd is awesome. Radical change ain't always a bad thing!
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