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User Info: Yokoso

1 year ago#1
So i got to play Zeta, and i have FWE installed. Finished Zeta, got dumped back on Earth, walk to the alien and pick up my prize - Alien Blaster !!! Except it's FWE, so it's bait-and-switch blaster. Apparently there are TWO Alien Blasters in FWE, and the one after Zeta is the crappy one, the one that has a 1x crit multiplier instead of a 100% crit. What the...
Is second Blaster in Broken Steel the one with 100% crit ? Or is it random ? Or should i just console it ? I mean really, two nearly identical Blasters ? And one is crap ? Seriously ?

And speaking of unique energy weapons in FWE, A3-21 rifle. Is it bugged in my game ? Or in general ? I mean, it's incredibly strong, and has a scope, but it's virtually useless as a sniper rifle, since even though the FWE stats page says it has 0 min spread - it sprays the shots every which way. Pretty much like an assault rifle. Perfect condition and 100 energy weapons - cant land a headshot. In it's scope is a big circle...and a shot can land just about anywhere within that circle.
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User Info: LogicalWREN

9 months ago#2
Sorry I'm probably am idiot but... What is FWE

User Info: _-Magma_-

6 months ago#3
FWE is Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition. It's an overhaul mod for Fallout 3 that adds new features to the game and changes game mechanics to improve the game and make it more challenging.

User Info: eolsunder

4 months ago#4
yep, and like always, someone is posting and asking questions on a mod for the game, not in the actual game forums about the vanilla game. Go ask mod questions in the mod boards, this is the message boards for the actual vanilla game, not something you tinkered around with. Most players don't play FWE, don't have bugged blasters, or anything else that 1000 mods can add or change.
I am outraged! I am outraged beyond words! Yet...I have something I want to say..
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