Playing for the First Time

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User Info: dwkindig

8 months ago#1
I hadn't played any of the Fallout series until a couple months ago. My wife had always been a big fan, but didn't own any of the games before I met her; so, when they went on sale on Steam a while back, we picked up 3 and NV. She'd played through 3 already but not all of NV, so I decided to give 3 a go.

Why did I wait so long to play this game?

I just finished "Trouble on the Homefront" yesterday. I had previously killed Amata's dad, meaning Mack was now the Vault 101 Overseer. I mean, Alphonse, despite sharing a name with the sweetest guy in manga/anime, was probably going to kill me, and probably Amata, too -- she was real mean about that.

Anyway, I'm not a bad guy (debatable), just a pragmatic one. I go up to the Overseer and I say "Yo, bro, this ain't cool." I don't get two lines out before he starts to shoot at me, but I have Star Paladin Cross on my side and she's a quick draw with a laser rifle. I trudge back to Amata, who turns out to be way more pragmatic about the outcome this time. Great! Thank you for seeing reason, childhood friend! I look forward to renewed contact with you! How fortunate I made that trip to Megaton and picked up your distress signal!


You want me to leave?


Cross, come with me. We're going down to the reactor level.

Dear reader, you probably know where this is going -- the game is 8 years old in a month, spoilers probably aren't as big a deal as they once were, but suffice it to say, I wasn't able to. As I would later read, patch 1.1 prevented me from doing it.

I'm a little angry and a little depressed by this turn of events. I also would later read that had I been able to do what I wanted, everyone would have (or been insinuated to) die out in the wastes, including a particularly grisly scene where the Enclave kills (or at least roughs-up, if you are quick enough) Amata. I didn't want that -- Amata's my pal! My buddy! Literally the only nice person in the whole vault!

So, I did what I was forced to do.

I killed everybody. Except Amata. This made Cross very unhappy. (The killing, not the sparing Amata). I've given the homeless man outside Megaton enough purified water to basically be Jesus, though, so the effect on Cross is minor.

On my way out, I liberally sprinkled frag mines throughout the gate control room and entrance tunnel of Vault 101.

Thanks a lot, Overseer!

What's next, Cross? Finding the Enclave? Nah, let's go check out Vault 92 like we were planning before Amata called us.

Games like these are a lot like acting -- you're given a script and get to act out a role. If the writing's good, the character flows naturally -- the actor becomes the character (the bane of any typecast individual). Bethesda did a really good job scripting the shoes of the wanderer -- they fit like they were made just for me.

User Info: JoveHack

7 months ago#2
Any updates?
Jove the Sleep Depraved
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