How do I Fix CRC error

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User Info: tjeff7144

9 years ago#1

have tried to install game 2x's and keep getting "CRC error" message half way through install. Have returned game and gotten new, but still get error message. have very limited skills on computer, what must I do to get this game installed, eager to play

User Info: dr_gorerotted

9 years ago#2
i believe it has something to do with your hdd..
you might want to take a look at this website

User Info: jurrian91

9 years ago#3
Find out what brand your HDD is, go to the site of that manufacturer and download the diagnostic tools for your HDD. Either that or download the newest "Hiren's Boot CD" and burn it to a CD. That one has a lot of diagnostic tools for all sorts of hardware (and software). The diagnostic tools should be able to tell you if there's anything wrong with your HDD.
This made my laugh hard. ~Nova MK VI

User Info: luckss

9 years ago#4

I had the same problem and it took me 2 days to come across this... try at ur own risk. While ur install the game and u get the error go under "C:\prgram files"find ubisoft and copy the folder on to ur desktop, after u have done that don't do anything with the crc error that is up just restart ur computer under safemade(press f8 to get there when ur computer restarts). install crysis again and it should pick up from where u left off and finish installing. This has worked for 2 of my other friends who had the same problem.

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