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User Info: VitaSocks235

2 months ago#1
Which of the two you've enjoyed the most, they both only have one analog stick, very memorable games, Play Movies (well with Dreamcast you could play Video CD Movies/TV Shows with said homebrew movie player or DivX player) could both browse the Internet, both play online (well for PSP can't nowadays as for Dreamcast you could buy a DreamPi and get inside a custom server) and has a very strong and on-going fanbase with tons of Homebrew modding support and fan translations of titles that stayed in Japan for the longest!

Personally I love both to death but what are your opinions on this and which do you highly prefer memory wise or recently?

User Info: OlorinTheOtaku

2 months ago#2
IMO, the PSP's game library is far, FAR, better then the Dreamcast. There's at least 40 PSP games I really like, and over 100 I still wanna get, were as the only reason I even bought a Dreamcast in the first place is for Capcom vs Marvel 2. Later on I got SNK vs Marvel 2, Jet Set Radio, Fire Pro Wrestling D, and Sonic Adventure. That's it though, I can't really find any other Dreamcast games I want.

So in short, PSP easily has 100+ games I find interesting, Dreamcast doesn't even have 10.

I also don't like the Dreamcast's controller. Whoever put the wire in backwards must have been high, and whoever decided to give it such a big and odd shape must have been blind.
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User Info: final_lap

2 months ago#3
I owned a DC it was ok.. I hate the high pitch, ear piercing beep every time you turn it on. Because you didn't replace the VMU's battery. (ohnoes, how dare you!!! BEEEEEEEEEEEP) Which wasn't needed unless you wanted to take it portable. The controller is also uncomfortable. I probably would have liked it more if I played Sonic Adventure 2 on it, but I ended up not playing that game until the Gamecube. Also ended up not playing Jet Set Radio (aside from demo) even though I played JSRF on the Xbox. But I did beat Space Channel 5. Been there, done that.

PSP doesn't have SA2.. but it does have Dissidia and Burnout Dominator and all around a solid library that's much bigger than the DC's. The system has no major flaws, it's still better than 2DS and especially Vita, and unlike DC it has staying power, as my interest tended to grow over time instead of phasing out after only like a year. But that last point is strictly opinion. PSP may have an advantage simply because it came out later, or because it was Playstation instead of Sega, so its games used PS2-era game design, with longer games, while DC emphasized arcade ports and quick burst games.
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User Info: xJDizzle69x

2 months ago#4
PSP for sure.

I loved my DC back in the day but if I had to choose only one it would without question be PSP.

Due to the library and portability... and the other stuff it is capable of.

User Info: Shatterstar69

1 month ago#5
Both systems were ahead of their time and I enjoy them both. Unfortunately Sega was unable to stay competitive with other consoles (namely Sony) so it's library of games is woefully less than PSP's. I would have to give PSP an edge on that front. Fighting games and Shmups are excellent on the Dreamcast vs those on PSP. I do think it is difficult comparing a handheld to a console from a technical standpoint but what Sony managed to do with the PSP on that front is downright incredible.

User Info: INKU48

1 month ago#6
Feels like the PSP was the indisputably best handheld for its time during a long period, hardware-wise. The Dreamcast on the other hand quickly after its launch became the weakest on the market and with the worst controller.

As for libraries, I feel the PSP had significantly more to offer but it had no games which I will place in my Top XX games of all time list. It gave me a chance to play games on the go but lacked killer apps. At least the Dreamcast had Shenmue and brought some shmups to home consoles.

Overall, I feel the PSP was always a great option for people who wanted portable games while I feel the Dreamcast was a secondary console which you bought to play a few exclusives. The PS2, GCN and Xbox were all better home consoles compared to it.
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User Info: KingzJuster

1 month ago#7
I've had the same PSP since 2007 and only just recently had it replaced a few days ago, and I play the hell outta the PSP on a routine basis. That being said, Dreamcast is one of my favorite consoles of all time and if not for the hardware on it crapping out routinely (I've gone through 4 Dreamcasts over the years), I'd probably play it just as much, if not more than, my PS4, PSP, and Switch. Dreamcast had some amazing exclusives and a ton of fighting games on it (fighting games are my favorite game genre).
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User Info: Santo3485

1 month ago#8
I’m with the Dreamcast. It has a ton of quality beat em ups and shmups. Some fantastic shmups like Giga Wing 1 and 2, Mars Matrix (my favourite shmup on the DC), Border Down, Bangai-o, Chaos Field, Ikaruga, Trizeal, Zero Gunner 2 etc.

As for beat em ups, I had a great time back in the days with Soul Calibur, Zombie Revenge and Dynamite Deka for a fun two player co op time. A TON of Capcom beat em ups, everything from Cannon Spike, both Power Stone games, Project Justice, all 3 Street Fighter 3 games, Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2 back in the DC days were amazing and ahead of its time.

Then you have indie titles thats been released for it over the years. Some great ones here: Gunlord (clearly inspired from Turrican), Neo XYX, Last Hope, Sturmwind, Radirgy etc.

Lots of gems for the DC. Sadly most of these games are incredibly expensive now.
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User Info: spiffyone

1 month ago#9
When deciding between the two, I have to go by what their purpose and primary focus was, and whether that purpose “fit” their respective sectors within the industry.

DC was designed to be a home console that had the primary focus of arcade ports and arcade style games at home. PSP was primarily designed to play console style games on-the-go. I find the former “fits” it’s sector better than the latter.

That said, from a game library standpoint, there’s no argument that PSP had the quality and quantity on its side.

User Info: Egoist

1 month ago#10
I've only played 2 games on my Dreamcast (RIP); Powerstone which is also available on the psp and Spawn.

PSP all the way.
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