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User Info: qmishery

2 months ago#41

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth
Gitaroo Man Lives!
Capcom Classics Collection
Hamerrin' Hero

something else i should remember

User Info: V I C I O U S

2 months ago#42
Going on a trip next week and will be bringing along a number of digital titles (Warriors Orochi 2, Parasite Eve, Crash Team Racing, Power Stone Collection), and at least a couple physical copies (probably Ace Combat X and Gran Turismo). =D
"Liking is probably the best form of ownership, and ownership the worst form of liking" - Jose Saramago

User Info: OlorinTheOtaku

2 months ago#43

Yeah, Warriors Orochi 2! Brilliant game. I still can't believe the insane amount of content it has.
Just because something is fictional, doesn't mean its not real.

User Info: Blorfenburger

2 months ago#44
Mgs poops.
I use inverted controls. Also I hate fandoms.
I'm the Assman. Come on boy you know what I'm all about.

User Info: WhiteHeart

2 months ago#45
sexyemoboy32 posted...
joelang12 posted...
OlorinTheOtaku posted...
Right now I'm replaying Def Jam Fight For NYC. Such a good fighter.

Couldn’t get into it b/c of the whole hip hop/rap culture.

Its cause you are a racist and you can't handle black culture.

black culture? kek what a clown cant believe it ^____^

must be a shill or a fishbrain i cant figure it out.

#N1 troll post no doubt !!!

kid used big words which he donst even understand.
disgusting creep on so many levels.

you need a doctor asap

beside i never have met someone with such an ego who call himself sexy in a gamer blog.

this special snowflake made my day.
TRUTH is TRUTH even if no one believes it.
A LIE is a LIE even everyone believes it.

User Info: OlorinTheOtaku

2 months ago#46

So... many... grammar errors! Must... not... hulk out!
Just because something is fictional, doesn't mean its not real.

User Info: BarbaricAvatar

2 months ago#47
Got around to testing a few games. My PSP backlog is still managable at this stage but if i'm not careful it could get as ridiculous as other systems.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Keep
A fairly simplistic action-adventure / hack & slash. If it wasn't PotC franchise then i'd probably be trading it in, but as it is i'm willing to endure it. Wouldn't recommend it to non-fans of the movies though.

Asphalt Urban GT 2 Keep
A cross between Burnout and Midnight Club. Dislike the blurry boost affect and there doesn't appear to be a handbrake to induce slides so most of the cars understeer like shopping trollies, but otherwise it's quite fun. There seems to be a trend of PSP racing games being painfully easy though, here it's not as bad as in Motorstorm but it's still a bit yawnsome through lack of challenge occassionally.

Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Trade-in
Grrr. Loved the aesthetics, loved the characters, loved the ideas. But the gameplay is outwardly sub-par: Stop-start gameplay, enemies attacking you before you can see them on-screen and non-existant jump adjustability all serve to make the experience more frustrating than fun. Tried so hard to endure its problems but it's a great idea badly realised.
I hope the sequel's better, dood.
If you ran the world, it would probably be on fire right now.

User Info: GeekyDad

2 months ago#48
Not playing anything currently on my PSP, but I always like to peek into the boards from time to time. Was absolutely blown away to see how active the TO board is again. Usually there's maybe three/four active threads, with the rest being old, closed threads. Right now the whole first page is all open threads. So glad to see that. One of the best games ever made. Glad to see new groups of people enjoying it. Honestly, it's probably what I'll be playing next. I typically go back to it every year or so.

User Info: OlorinTheOtaku

2 months ago#49

What's TO stand for?
Just because something is fictional, doesn't mean its not real.

User Info: GeekyDad

2 months ago#50
OlorinTheOtaku posted...

What's TO stand for?

Tactics Ogre
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