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    There seems to be a trend of PSP racing games being painfully easy though, here it's not as bad as in Motorstorm but it's still a bit yawnsome through lack of challenge occassionally.

    Try Gran Turismo. Bloody things hard as a frozen faucet.

    lol No it's not! Like GT5+6, most events only require one or two attempts to get gold's. The difficulty level was dragged right down from the 7th generation onwards to satisfy the weak who can't handle having to practice to be good. Also GTPSP was developed in tandem with GT5 which harmed the quality of both games: GTPSP should have been an independent handheld title, not a supplement to "big brother". I wouldn't have minded if you could unlock exclusive cars using the PSP for use on the PS3 but you can't, GTPSP has nothing that GT5 doesn't have.
    And despite the dual-development the only connection benefit they have is a tedious system for using GTPSP to make cars available in GT5's arcade mode.
    If you ran the world, it would probably be on fire right now.