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    A few more testers:

    Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood Trade-in
    More grrr. Same issues as with the first game, chiefly the lack of jump adjustability. You can either jump straight up or all the way forward; you cannot jump and then move a little to the left, nor can you control the length of jump with how long you hold the jump button. It's something one takes for granted in other platformers but when it's missing it really affects ones enjoyment. Also it's not as funny as the first game and the voices aren't quite as good. I wanted to like these games but they let me down. *sadface*

    The Eye of Judgement: Legends Trade-in
    This was a "blind" pickup so i wasn't expecting much. It's a strategic trading card game where you take turns against the computer drawing and playing cards on a 3x3 board. Winner is the first player to occupy 5 of the 9 squares. It's got some ridiculous convoluted background story involving stupidly named factions based on (yawn) the four elements and a totally generic and unorginal anime art style. I'm hit or miss when it comes to collectible card games and this one's a miss for me. Gameplay didn't conjure any excitement and the storyboard cutscenes are long and unskippable. Well, you can skip them but then it skips the battle too and goes straight into the next cutscene. Dumb.

    Daxter Keep
    Didn't need to play this one for long. Gorgeous-looking toon action adventure in the Jak universe. Typical platforming interspersed with action and comedy. Much what i expected and look forward to giving it a proper play through.

    Carol Vorderman's Sudoku Keep
    Yep, it's Sudoku. Always been bemused at Vorder's association as she's closely associated with maths and Sudoku's got nothing whatsoever to do with maths. Nonetheless, i enjoy the puzzles and even though there's not much more than 20mins fun at a time, it's still a good way of winding down at the end of a day. Annoying programming error though where it won't let you quit the game using the PS button, you have to execute a full shutdown in order to switch the damn game off. Other than this it's fine.
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