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User Info: saiwong

5 months ago#1

I just got a 2nd hand PSP off Ebay but its screen has some scratches.

I've looked on the internet for methods to remove scratches including

using toothpaste, baking power, car turtle wax, magic eraser

have any of you managed to successfully remove scratches from your PSP screen, if so what method did you use ?

User Info: dancer62

5 months ago#2
A screen protector disguises scratches pretty well.

PSP1000, the lens is part of the front panel. On the 2000 and 3000, the screen lens is a separate piece. Complete replacement housings on ebay are about 20 bucks.
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User Info: JonnyBoyFF

5 months ago#3
Personally, I would go the replacement route and get a screen protector.
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User Info: saiwong

5 months ago#4
Well, I tried baking power and magic eraser but they didn't make any difference.

I tried getting replacement housing but the quality was really bad and the screen had so many scratches. (it was worse than the screen I was trying to replace). Ebay seller said he would refund me.

I might try the screen protector route. If that fails it might be easier to just try getting another PSP from Ebay but make doubly sure the screen has no scratches.

User Info: xJDizzle69x

5 months ago#5
I just had to deal with a badly scratched screen on a PSP-1007 that someone gave me.

The actual screen was OK but the PSP 100x has a face plate which has a clear section that lays right over the screen, in my case this is what was scratched.

I purchased a new 100x faceplate from Amazon, the fit was decent as was the quality and durability of the plate itself but some of the words on the face plate were slanted and sloppy.

In any case it cost like $7 on Amazon, once you receive it you will need to remove 6 tiny screws that require a 00 Philip's head screwdriver to remove.

You will need to remove the warranty sticker to get to some of them and also note that some of the screws can be very difficult to remove as they can be screwed in very hard.

Once the screws are off you can pull off the face plate which will also pull off the buttons and analog stick. Then swap in the new plate and reset all the buttons and analog stick then put the screws back.

For the small price the faceplate cost and considering how much better a new faceplate made the screen look I would say it is definitely worth it.

Overall it is not terribly difficult if you have the tools and little experience with hardware. Just be patient and make sure you have a really quality screwdriver, I ruined a cheap one because the screws were so tight it broke the tip of the screw driver.

You should be able to google search how to replace the face plate, I found a few guides with solid instructions and pictures.

I hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions.

User Info: Rozzbane

4 months ago#6
I actually have an internal screen problem on my PSP that has haunted me for years. A tiny black line goes all the way down the right side of my screen. It doesn't hamper my game play very much as I can see everything still. But it does irritate me.
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