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User Info: rstewart00

3 months ago#151
-CJF- posted...
I found my old PSP 1001 that I had barely used. Sadly the battery swelled up upon first charge so badly that the cover popped off the battery enclosure and my memory card is only 32 MB.

I bought a Funturbo MicroSD to ProDuo MagicGate converter for $5.95 on Amazon. It works perfectly with my 32 GB MicroSD card. I bought a new third party battery and charger from a shady chinese NewEgg vendor for under $6. I won't know how that turns out for awhile since it said it would take 6-18 days to arrive.

Hopefully I can update from OFW 2.00 to OFW 6.61 with it. I'll probably try using a power bank instead of the battery if it doesn't hold much of a charge (which I'm expecting).

those 3rd party memory sd converter are iffy, mine seems to work with most games buy one or two seem to fight trying save on it, if the battery is crap try going to batterys plus if u have on near u at least if they can get a battery its more legit, side note just got simple 2500 series school girl slayers imported this week which is supposed to be the precursor to oneechabara series

User Info: EnvyFox

3 months ago#152
Picked up a copy of Dead to Rights: Reckoning (complete) for $5 yesterday at GC Pawn. Still can't try out PSP games since I haven't taken my charger out of storage yet but I hear the entire series gives you an attack dog for an ally which already earns cool points with me.

User Info: OlorinTheOtaku

3 months ago#153

Way to go, mate! That's an extremely fun TPS game, it feels like a John Woo movie in the form of a video game. Definitely a must have for any action fans on PSP. The slo-mo diving mechanic, the level design, the gameplay itself, everything is just so explosively fun.
Just because something is fictional, doesn't mean its not real.

User Info: Venom3D

2 months ago#154
I bought Final Fantasy 3 (Japanese import) for $6.00.

User Info: EnvyFox

2 months ago#155
Picked up a small stack of PSP games about two days ago for $3 a piece. They are:

- Ultimate Block Party (complete)
- LocoRoco (complete)
- Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (w/ case)
- Generation of Chaos (w/ Pal-region PaRappa the Rapper case and manual)
- WTF: Work Time Fun (UMD only)

Man that last game is really weird. It's as if Sony heard people talk about how strange the WarioWare games were and went "ay yo' hold my beer." I'm into crazy games like that, though, so it's all good. My favorite of this stack, though, goes to Chinatown Wars partially because I finally found a copy that didn't have it's UMD cracked or scratched up to hell. Now I just need Vice City Stories and the PSP GTA trilogy will be complete.

User Info: Banjogamer83

2 months ago#156
Just got Jeanne D'Arc off of Ebay, amazing game and I can't believe i missed out on this

User Info: OlorinTheOtaku

2 months ago#157

Has it got good replay value, like Disgaea? I thought it looked cool, but I don't wanna get it if it's too linear. I like RPG's that let me grind my characters and then actually have opportunity to use those now powerful characters.
Just because something is fictional, doesn't mean its not real.

User Info: WizardofHoth

2 months ago#158
I ordered Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions online a couple of days and it should be in the mail this weekend or next week.

Then next month in February i need to get a bigger PSP memory card stick so i can have memory space room for my PSOne classics such as Suikoden and Arc the Lad etc

User Info: WizardofHoth

2 months ago#159
In the mail today this morning Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions arrived which Im glad.

its the third time that ive had Final Fantasy Tactics.

Years ago I bought Final Fantasy Tactics for Playstaiton from the video rental store for just 9 bucks. Then after beating the game i sold it at a rummage sale.

But then I bought it for a second time where I found it at Walmart I think then i sold it again. Dunno why I sold it.

But now i have Final Fantasy Tactics "War of the Lions" for my PSP. This time im keeping the frikkin game.


User Info: ArcFan10000

2 months ago#160
Too much slowdown in War of the Lions, ruins the game, thats why i prefer the PSone version.
Favs: Persona, Final Fantasy,Tales series PSN: Brian_2030, Xbox Live: SEGAnerd776
Waiting For: Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake
(edited 2 months ago)
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