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User Info: OlorinTheOtaku

6 months ago#31
Just because a game can be beat by a 6 year old doesn't mean its bad/simple, look at Pokemon for example. Also, I don't care WHY there aren't diverse races WoTL, I was pointing out the fact that there aren't diverse races & that it took away from the experience for me.

This is like the 3 DS Castlevania games, everyone has an opinion about which is best. To each his own. I suggest everyone should play both the DS & PSP FFT games, its not really something someone else can decide for you, this is one of those things were you've gotta see for yourself which you prefer. Both are great.
"Just because something is fictional, doesn't mean its not real." Find me on Twitter: @OlorinTheOtaku

User Info: klandaatu

6 months ago#32
I never said it was bad, I said the mechanics were dumbed down. It's fun, but there's no real challenge. The most challenge I had was when doing PVP on the Advance games. Though you are right about the DS Castlevanias....

User Info: OlorinTheOtaku

6 months ago#33
You must be some kind of pro then or something because in my experience FFTA & FFTA2 were definitely challenging. LOL, maybe I'm just terrible at em. I haven't played either of them in atleast a year though, but I don't remember them being simple in anyway.
"Just because something is fictional, doesn't mean its not real." Find me on Twitter: @OlorinTheOtaku

User Info: klandaatu

6 months ago#34
Dude, Mog Knight plus Gunner plus high ground equals Ultima blade to anyone on the map. it one shots most things

User Info: Cybuster_88

6 months ago#35
War of the Lions? Advance? All are cakewalks thanks to ninjas and time mages. It's easy enough to over level your party and whiz through the games.

User Info: presea_lover

6 months ago#36
Zero_Maniac posted...
I'll say PSP, but I know some people like the original translation and care about the slowdown when casting spells a lot. I bought WotL first, and so I'll probably never buy the original.

The slowdown is noticeable enough to be annoying and I dislike the new translation.
"If less is more, just think how much more more will be!" - Dr. Frasier Crane

User Info: Son Goku X

Son Goku X
6 months ago#37
The new translations + slow down was definitely annoying.

The new items you can get from co-op missions were mostly better versions of the original end-game items. But having Co-op + friends to play with is always fun.

The new characters were basically another copy of Ramza and combined Gunner + Thief, which was OP. It does however make me sad that he is way better than Mr. Mustard.

Few things I miss would be the JP glitch + being able to steal stuff from Not-Sephiroth (PSP ver gave him the skill that protects his equipment).

User Info: Silver_Ogre

6 months ago#38
The PS1 version. The slowdown in the PSP version and the ports have inferior sound effect quality that never got fixed. The ports also never got the revised JP costs that PS1 version got for the NA release.

User Info: sidewinderl

6 months ago#39
PS1 is superior for FFT. Matsuno didn't even have anything to do with the PSP port of FFT, but he was involved with the port of Tactics Ogre, and that's the PSP game you should get instead.

The PSP translation isn't better. The PS1 translation had errors, but it was still mostly faithful to the original. The PSP version is a rewrite that's actually quite terrible as a translation, because they deliberately made everything obtuse.

Best line/moment in the game: "I am Velius... the devil. Your wish is granted."
PSP version: "The Gigas Belias have I been named. Your plea to answer now my only wish."

Just reading that overwrought nonsense makes me wanna projectile vomit.

User Info: 94mav98

6 months ago#40
The PSP version is the best. The minor slowdown issue can easily be fixed with a fan-made patch if it bugs you.
"Every single new Final Fantasy game is the one that ruined the franchise forever, and this is obvious the second they announce the title."
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