how long did your psp(s) last?

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User Info: Touya999

7 months ago#1
My first psp is for a year. Second is for 7 yrs. I on the psp and it gave me the infinite loading.

I only have ao kiseki left to play. I tried emulator but doesn't work.
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User Info: dancer62

7 months ago#2
Umm... Five 1000s, three 2000s, a 3000, five Go, all working. Collecting PSPs since 2008.

Minor repairs: new batteries, joysticks, dpad rubber, screens, UMD drives, Go flex cable.

I'm figuring that with minor maintenance they'll last a lifetime.
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User Info: Zero_Maniac

7 months ago#3
My current PSP 3000 is the first PSP I ever bought, and is still going strong. My backup 3000 is chilling in the corner of my room, still in its original box.
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User Info: z0mgthiefbeef

7 months ago#4
Still got my 1000. Around 12 years I believe?
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User Info: mid31

7 months ago#5
My 1000's analog stick gave in after 2 years. Replaced it with a 2000 that, apart from the battery, still works perfectly today.

User Info: Cybuster_88

7 months ago#6
Got both of mine used but that first was pretty beat up. My second and only one I have now I've had since 2012-2013(?)
Still on my red God of War PSP (2000 model), from Summer 2008. Since, then I picked up a broken screen PSP-3001 model (replaced it easily) and a PSP-1000.
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User Info: White Eagle

White Eagle
7 months ago#8
My 1000 had D-pad trouble, the square button had issues, and the analog stick was getting loose. Sold it to Gamestop.

My Silver 2000 from 2008 is still perfect.
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User Info: ArcFan10000

7 months ago#9
Both of mine are fine, I have the 1000 model and 2000 model.
My 1000 has a sticking square button. But it's an easy fix.
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User Info: joelang12

7 months ago#10
My original 1000 held out for a long time but had a drifting analog. My 3000 is still going strong. My Go is still good as well. I need to buy a backup just in case
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