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User Info: almightyshah

3 years ago#1
ages upon ages ago, in fear of getting my board claimed, I allowed my reputation to run wild. The power became such that not even its master could control it. As I looked on, unable to quell its fiery rage, it took me my loved ones, my karma, my dearest alt, their cries of agony soared above the s***storms. I could not avert my posts so I merely gazed upon the spectacle... Laughing... The mods sealed me for a long time, but my s***posts rages out of control even now. Long, long I have waited. Waited for the one that would finally subdue my s***posts fury... Now, kill me or I-- shall kill YOU!!
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User Info: Caroniver

3 years ago#2
almightyshah posted...
Now, kill me


He literally asked for it.
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