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User Info: ender003

11 years ago#1

I've never had McDonald's. And I never will. I have also never had spaghetti.

User Info: Hotdogking2005

11 years ago#2
I hate you!

User Info: LusterSoldier

11 years ago#3
Happy (late) birthday!

I turned 18 a few months ago and I've got about 7 1/2 months left until my next birthday.
Luster Soldier - Popular at school. ~Shield Bearer~ | ~Data Analyst~

User Info: FeedItToTheLion

11 years ago#4
ender! ^_^

I didn't expect to find a topic from yourself around these parts.

User Info: Twiggysaurus

11 years ago#5
Happy birthday, yo.

User Info: SuperSonic2002

11 years ago#6
happy belated birthday
Soulmates would be so much easier to find if they existed, wouldn't they? - Kraaken

User Info: GnomeSword138

11 years ago#7
Happy late birthday :D
Just smile. :D

User Info: Uhhhh1232

11 years ago#8
How did I find you guys here.
Official Eater of Things of RI
Calling someone a perv on RI is like going to a rehab center and saying to someone "You did drugs!" -Nuked
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