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  3. Who got here by board hunting?

User Info: RegniloftheSky

11 years ago#31
I actually used to own this game and got here by searching specifically for it. It was a pretty sweet game too.
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User Info: Yankees

11 years ago#32
*raises hand*
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User Info: Stickinsect2

11 years ago#33
I did.
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User Info: Bored_Hunt

11 years ago#34

Why else would I be in a random board in the middle of nowhere?
Renders life obselete.

User Info: LethalLink99

11 years ago#35
I don't know how I get anywhere.
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User Info: mrparisz

11 years ago#36
I figured people would be here judging by the stupid name of this game.

User Info: LusterSoldier

11 years ago#37
Just got here through board hunting.
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User Info: Xeraphos

11 years ago#38
I got here through boardhunting. Don't know why I'd search "fatty bear".
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User Info: selmiak

11 years ago#39
huh, where am I now?
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User Info: BadfingerBoogie

11 years ago#40
Yup, I got here through board hunting. ^_^
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