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User Info: ender003

11 years ago#21
Well, I suppose I might be an amateur hunter.
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User Info: Warriorj193

11 years ago#22
I got here by boardhunting.
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User Info: GuessMyUserName

11 years ago#23
you did
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User Info: SnowKhir

11 years ago#24
I got here by board hunting. Is there any other way?
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User Info: SwordMaster12

11 years ago#25
I got hear by board hunting as well. Also, you could have searched Fatty to find that. <_<
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User Info: Nat_12

11 years ago#26
Mindgames are a glitch. They should not include mindgames in brawl. It breaks the game. ~ guyguy

User Info: Koopa95

11 years ago#27
>_> The name makes me laugh.

And I did.
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User Info: jakemans24

11 years ago#28
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: thevalleyboy1

11 years ago#29
hai near
Trick Trick

User Info: Grengosaurus

11 years ago#30
'Ello :D
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