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User Info: TheAirPlaneMan

12 years ago#11
like a mofo.

User Info: PaperMario007

12 years ago#12
I'm gonna die of loneliness, depression and boredom V_V

User Info: spawneN

12 years ago#13
In Soviet Russia, Board hunts you!
Xbx live tag: Spawnen
add me!

User Info: disruptivename1

12 years ago#14
i wonder what this game is about....

User Info: ender003

12 years ago#15
I got here by random searching.

I don't really consider myself a board hunter.
I've never had McDonald's. And I never will. I have also never had spaghetti.

User Info: Sparkmen

11 years ago#16
Board Hunting, yeah. I don't know how I could end up here by searching. WAY too awkward lol.
(\ _ /) - Hardcore™ - We'll probably be modded for this...
(='.'=) ~Bunn!e~ CEnco De Mayo - May 5th, 2007.

User Info: NeoMinnow

11 years ago#17
I don't see what's so awkward about Fatty Bear. He's a very nice chap. I mean, he's a psychotic fascist dictator, but they can be nice people.

User Info: Hubbin

11 years ago#18
I did.
Yep, that's me.

User Info: Rimmer_Dall

11 years ago#19
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: ddlkll

11 years ago#20
kill all who are not board hunters
I know what your thinking........ i just won't tell you.
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  3. Who got here by board hunting?
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