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User Info: Raurik_Aviant

12 years ago#1
I don't know why, but I couldn't post on the question about news of Rallisport Challenge 3.
So I did a couple hours of digging and here's what I got.

1. The developer is DICE.

2. Though they made Rallisport challenge Microsoft Game Studios owns the title so DICE can't make a sequel even if they wanted. Nor do they have control over ports or backward compatibility.

3. The reason DICE is no longer with Microsoft Game Studios is because they are now owned by EA games.

If these three facts don't spell "RSC RIP" I don't know what does...

I'm going to try to remake some of the tracks from RSC2 on GRID for the DS.
If anyone wants the schematics I'll be posting them on the Grid DS board soon.

User Info: MarkusIII

12 years ago#2
Man that sucks..because this, the 2nd Rallisport is easily the best f'n racing-game ever :)

A shame that it'll not be any 3rd part in this series...I was hoping for a one to XBOX360...
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