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User Info: eggmcmuff

13 years ago#1
There'd be enough Rallisport culties around to keep this board afloat. So sad. Good game, though.

User Info: Flyinghole

13 years ago#2
Still waiting for another one to come out on the 360
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User Info: grand_3

13 years ago#3
Yeh, good game. I actually went to the first games board and was going to make a topic, but it looked dead. Awesome fun played it again yesterday, this needs a sequel, it was really fun.
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User Info: TongLong

13 years ago#4
Yeah, either a sequel, or B/C on the 360. My old X-Box doesn't seem to want to play nice anymore, I guess it figured it's time to retire, leaving me RSC2-less. DIRT is fun (RIP Collin McRae), Sega Rally 360 is tolerable, but somehow, RSC2 just seemed like the perfect balance of arcade and simulation. I don't think a day went by where I didn't have at least one race! Yeah, I'm hoping we see a sequel soon, or at least, B/C.
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