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User Info: Tmk

4 years ago#1
I will go from the left branch to the right, detailing the skills I'd change.

Cooking Up Trouble: 0.6% health regen per second, up from 0.4.

Buck Up: not really a change so much as a fix; convey the exact amount of shield energy it restores over the course of the action, and make it no longer ever mistakenly target allies with rough rider or enemies.

Potent As A Pony: Make the health gain for both you and Deathtrap 3%.

Made of Sterner Stuff: increase the damage reduction from 1% to 3% per rank, and the melee bonus to Deathtrap from 3% to 5%.

Sharing is Caring: Creates a special additional slot in backpack to assign a shield different from the one you wear for Deathtrap to use; in addition, every enemy Deathtrap damages in any way becomes "marked" while he is out, causing you to gain +200% accuracy when you're aiming directly at the enemy.

More Pep: increase all parameters by 50%, so 6% electrocute chance, 3% for the others.

Shock Storm: you or Deathtrap being in a storm recharges your shield proportional to the rank of the skill. 10% of max charge per rank.

Completely change The Stare to be: Deathtrap's ranged energy attack will now convert to the damage type the target is weakest to as well as have a small chance to slag.

Strength of 5 Gorillas: lose the melee bonus for Gaige, increase it for Deathtrap to 7% per rank.

Replace One Two Boom with Singularity Recall: when Deathtrap is destroyed or time expires, it leaves a powerful tesla shock singularity effect that then soon explodes.

Wires Don't Talk: Shock damage bonus up from 3% to 5% per rank, electrocute damage bonus up to 7% per rank.

Make It Sparkle: Damage bonus also applies to his ranged energy attack, but will not overwrite the most effective element if The Stare was taken.

Annoyed Android: in addition to what it already does, grants a 4% chance per rank that each time Deathtrap is damaged, Gaige gains an anarchy stack, and an additional 0.1% movement speed boost for every stack of anarchy Gaige has.

Death From Above changed to Digi-lock: When crouched, firing at an airborne enemy in your crosshairs will nullify 20% of the accuracy penalty of anarchy per rank at a cost of 2 anarchy stacks (per rank) until you stop firing or have to reload.

With Claws changed to Punk Never Dies!: Make anarchy generally awesomer! Electrocute damage benefits from half the damage bonus of anarchy, no longer lose anarchy stacks from death, in Fight For Your Life hold action skill to expend 200 stacks of anarchy to revive yourself in a massive digi-nuclear explosion, Deathtrap gets 25% of the damage bonus of anarchy.
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  3. How I'd change Gaige's skill tree. 'cause why not.
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