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  3. I've stopped playing Skyrim for awhile, so I'll document my stats.

User Info: Tmk

9 years ago#1
I skipped some stats, but most of them are here. I didn't bother much with the quest-based stats. I did all the questlines except Dark Brotherhood. That should suffice. And I'm level 81, all skills maxed. Some of these stats are wonky, like standing stones found. Or favorite weapon/magic school, and some of the shout stats are clearly wonked up. But anyway...here they are:

Necks bitten: 55
Days as a vampire: 44
Locations discovered: 337
Dungeons cleared: 239
Days passed: 349
Hours slept: 355
Hours waited: 239
Gold found: 914150 (this must mean all gold earned, not merely found loose)
Most gold carried at once: 209560
Chests looted: 3642
Skill books read: 82
Food eaten: 90
Training sessions: 32
Books read: 385
Horses owned: 0
Barters: 7394 (must count each item in a stack as a barter >_>)
Persuasions: 25
Bribes: 7
Intimidations: 2
Diseases contracted: 16

Quests completed: 115
Misc objectives completed: 305

People killed: 1945
Animals killed: 1810
Creatures killed: 605
Undead killed: 932
Daedra killed: 121
Robots killed: 163
Favorite weapon: Ghostblade (definitely not true in any way)
Critical strikes: 684 (this includes sneak attacks)
Sneak attacks: 683
Backstabs: 220
Weapons disarmed: 12
Brawls won: 8
Bunnies slaughtered: 24

Spells learned: 121
Favorite spell: detect dead
Favorite school: Alteration
Dragon souls absorbed: 87
Words of power learned: 59
Words of power unlocked: 62
Shouts learned: 20
Shouts unlocked: 21
Shouts mastered: 19 (just missing last word for Marked for Death)
Times shouted: 2009
Favorite shout: Slow Time (Now THAT'S accurate)

Soul gems used: 128
Souls trapped: 608 (yeah, I have a buttload of filled soul gems in storage...)
Magic items made: 341
Weapons improved: 101
Weapons made: 28
Armor improved: 111
Armor made: 534
Potions made: 947
Potions used: 421
Poisons made: 184
Poisons used: 121
Ingredients harvested: 7107
Ingredients eaten: 43
Nirnroot found: 237
Wings plucked: 926

Total lifetime bounty: 5106
Largest bounty: 2000
Locks picked: 607
Pockets picked: 201
Items pickpocketed: 1344 (must count each item in a stack, even gold pieces >_>)
Times jailed and other jail-related stats: 0
Fines paid: 686 (I assume this is totaling the amount of gold I paid in fines, otherwise it's nonsensical)
Items stolen: 1610
Assaults: 692 (not sure how they figure that)
Murders: 36 (ditto)
Horses stolen: 1
Trespasses: 50

Gameplay time: 409 hours
I am snazzier, hot, hot rant. Mutilated praise.
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  3. I've stopped playing Skyrim for awhile, so I'll document my stats.
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