Strategies for completing PS2 version

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User Info: LayZ33

10 years ago#1
Anyone else playing this?

I'm trying to unlock "Extra Game" and according to a Japanese walkthrough (if I translated it properly), you need to finish the game on normal difficulty and with a per stage time limit of 150 (default is 100) "seconds" (not really seconds since it counts down faster)..

... I can't even finish it on Very Easy and 200 seconds.

The best I can do is reaching round 3, level 2 without losing any characters. I then run out of time trying to kill all the worms and hence, lose everybody.

I can't use the walkthrough for the other versions of this game, since the PS2 version is significantly different.

1) What is the absolute minimum requirements needed to unlock Extra Game"?

2) What's a good strategy for dealing with the worms on round 3, level 1 and 2? It seems like I have to shoot it in the split second it appears on screen but when it makes its diving animation, it becomes invulnerable to my shots.

3) How do I defeat the last boss? The only possible way I can see is to sacrifice everyone in the party and rush it. The bullets and homing missiles are pretty avoidable as long as you have a person with decent speed and stay within the bottom few centimeters of the play area. Is there anyone fast enough to avoid the missiles and able to shoot the boss from the bottom of the screen?

Oh and I tried advancing up the sides of the play area (where the bullets don't hit) hoping the missiles have a blind spot, but it turns out the homing missiles have extremely good maneuverability and you'll definitely die.

4) I believe the Mega Drive (and perhaps other versions) version have cheat codes. Does this game have any?

5) Failing that, any video walkthroughs?

I have one tip to offer though: By default you start with 3 characters. In the first level, make all of them die. The last person to die will be on the field. Press start after the words "continue?" appear on the screen to get your original trio back. Now you can rescue the character on the field so you now effectively start with 4 characters. I'd suggest duplicating Johnny since he's the only useful one, attack-wise.

User Info: LayZ33

10 years ago#2
I finally finshed the game (very easy, 200 time limit) by picking up Cyber on the round 3 levels and keeping him alive until the last boss in which I proceeded to spam his 6x rocket launchers.

Along with Cyber, I imagine Mud Puppy and Lobby, and to a lesser extent, Professor are capable of damaging the boss from long range while at the same time dodging the homing missiles. Even the slowest walker can dodge the missiles, provided you stay at the bottom of the screen.

Extra Game mode wasn't unlocked though.

I gave up trying to unlock Extra Game since it's so easy to make a mistake and screw up everything. If the wizards, worms, Chinese gunmen and 4-legged robo-spiders don't kill me, then it'll be the time (that kills me).
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